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100 Tales of Horror


Glory Hole



"Here's the key to your unit, Earl," the plump and elderly landlady of the apartment said with a friendly smile, handing me two keys – one for my unit and the other for the gate.  


Once she left, I carefully unpacked my few belongings from the box. New apartment, new chapter in my life! Hopefully, I can finally shake off the person I've been trying to avoid. Thankfully, my job as an online tutor for Japanese kids is flexible, allowing me to switch homes without hassles. 


I spent the evening getting my things in order. Only after that did I set up my pocket wifi and desktop computer for work. 


This studio apartment is the perfect size. A single bed sits to the left, right by a window that lets in a good amount of light. The bathroom is tucked away neatly. I've set up my computer close to the bed for easy access. The only thing that doesn't quite vibe with me is the wallpaper – all pink with these flower petals. Apparently, the last tenant, who was a woman, had a thing for it. 


I'm not thinking of changing it up, though. I doubt I'll be chilling here for too long. 


As the night settled in and my work was all wrapped up, I snagged a beer from the mini-fridge. Just a little something to help me unwind. I settled into the single chair right in front of the TV.  


When I switched on the television, I caught what sounded like a knock coming from the adjacent unit. That was odd, considering I was pretty sure these walls were solid concrete. But the knock had this wooden echo to it. 


I carefully placed the beer and remote down. Leaning in, I pressed my ear against the wall to the right of my bed – that's where the knocking seemed to be coming from. I gave the wall a knock in response, and that's when it hit me: this section wasn't the usual concrete; it felt more like thick plywood.  


Driven by curiosity, I peeled away the slightly raised wallpaper. And to my surprise, there it was – a round hole underneath, about the size of a sardine can. My curiosity got the better of me, and I took a peek through it, revealing the neighboring unit on the other side. I could make out personal items and a glow of light – someone was definitely renting that place. 


I was just about to avert my gaze, fearing I might get caught spying, but I couldn't pull myself away. My eyes were fixed as I noticed a woman stepping into view through the hole. Only her lower body was visible; it was as if this woman had some unseen magnetic force since I couldn't tear my eyes from the scene. 


Just as she was about to get really close to the hole, that's when I finally looked away. Man, my heart was racing like crazy. I seriously almost got busted there! 


And then, out of the blue, I heard this alluring, soft voice coming from the next unit.  


"Why don't you slip your dick into the hole?" she cooed, "Come on. I can make it worth your while." 


I went ice cold, breaking out into a sweat. I couldn't help but sneak another peek through the hole. There she was, with lips painted in this captivating red lipstick. The shape of her lips was just... beautiful. 


"Put your shaft in the hole. Let me show you a good time," her voice oozed temptation. Despite my jitters, I couldn't resist her suggestion. 


I gave a gentle stroke to my manhood, and when it grew firm, I eased it into the gap in the wall. It felt like a call to the heavens when her warm, slick, and moist mouth enveloped my girth. The sensations drove me to the edge, and before I knew it, I hit the climax right there. 


I panted as I pulled away from the hole, my breath coming in ragged bursts.  


"Wow, you're something else! What's your name?" I asked, hoping for an answer. But there was only silence. "Is it just you over there?" I tried again, my words falling on deaf ears as the woman in the next unit stayed quiet.  



Sleep eluded me that night. I lay there in bed for what felt like hours, staring up at the ceiling. The woman in the other unit was a mystery, and the memory of our encounter kept replaying in my head. It was a completely new experience for me – a dash and dine through a hole in the wall! 


At last, I threw back the covers, not even caring that it was already midnight. Time didn't matter. I was determined to pay a visit to the woman next door. Round two was on my mind. This time, we are going to do it...face to face! 



I was just about to step out of my unit when her voice reached me again. "Round two?" she purred, followed by a teasing laugh and a sigh. 


I moved closer to the hole, peering through, catching a glimpse of just her lips. 


"Why don't I just come over? Would that be something you're up for?" 


"Hmm... It's a bit more thrilling right here. Just put in the hole what needs to be put." 


It was as if her words had this undeniable pull on me. She had this hold over me, casting her spell once again. Despite not being fully aroused, I let myself be drawn into her game. My manhood found its place in the gap in the wall. I shut my eyes, releasing a drawn-out moan as she skillfully took me in, coaxing my hardness with her mouth. And once more, just like before, I found myself soaring to heights of pleasure.  


Feeling spent, I lowered myself to catch a glimpse of her on the other side. Then, darkness enveloped her unit, obscuring everything from view. I leaned back, needing a moment to recover – the whole experience was downright exhausting. Yet, in the span of five minutes, her invitation beckoned again. She wanted an encore, urging me to offer myself again through the hole. 


"Let's make this the last one, alright? Next time, maybe I'll just come your way, or would you fancy coming over to my place?" 


"Sure thing. Slip it into the hole. I promise you won't regret it." 


Once again, I let my excitement lead the way into the wall's embrace. As she worked her magic, I decided this would be our curtain call – after this third rendezvous, I would meet her in person. As I felt the climax nearing, I swiftly pulled on my shorts, bolting out of my unit and heading to the next unit. Knock after knock, I rapped on the woman's door. 


"Earl?" The landlady approached, an inquisitive look on her face. "You woke me up with all that knocking." 


"Sorry about that," I said, cutting the knocking short. "I just needed a word with the lady here. Alright, I'll head to bed now." I turned away, feeling my cheeks burn. Geez, I was really making a scene, and I'd only just moved in. 


"No one's living in the unit you're knocking at," the landlady's words halted me in my tracks. I paused right as I was about to step into my place. "It's been empty for a month. Roma used to stay there." 


I pivoted to face her. "But I heard her talking—"  


"Roma was into some dark stuff. A Satanist, I later found out. Wish I knew before, wouldn't have let her move in. Her boyfriend, the Satanist guy, he killed her. He sacrificed Roma to the devil. Roma was impaled by a sharp pipe on her forehead. Her boyfriend... has yet to be apprehended. He's still out there somewhere." 


I was frozen, absorbing her words. 


My skin prickled as her words settled in. Numbly, I stepped into my unit, still trying to process it all. The fear had me wide awake, making sleep impossible. I grabbed some packing tape and rushed to seal the hole in the wall. My hands were shaking, the realization walloping me – the source of that inexplicable pleasure might be a lifeless memory now. 


Layer after layer of tape went on, yet it felt like a gust of wind from the other side pushed against it, dislodging all my efforts. 


Just as I was ready to reseal it, her seductive voice echoed once more.  


"Come. Slide your dick into the hole. I will make you feel good..." 


Both hands clamped over my ears. I couldn't take it anymore. "Enough! Leave me alone! I know you're gone, Roma!" My words were a mix of desperation and a shiver down my spine. 


"Come now. Go on. I'll give you pleasure." 


"Stop it! Please, just stop!" 


"I can bring you happiness." Roma's words kept echoing, growing eerie. The way they reached my ears was different now, like she was speaking from deep inside a drum, her voice reverberating. 


"I don't want this anymore!!!" My shout echoed, and then Roma's voice went quiet. 


Taking a deep, shaky breath, I collected myself. Almost a minute of eerie silence passed, and I mustered the courage to edge toward the hole. An overwhelming fear gripped me as I looked through it, freezing me in place. 


"Put it inside the hole." I saw Roma's entire face for the first time. Her grin was unsettling, her eyes completely white. A gaping wound marred her forehead, blood oozing thickly from it. She stood there, unclothed except for a white panty. 


It hit me then – the reason behind her red lips wasn't any lipstick. It was the blood staining them. 


"Come closer. I will make you feel oh so good..." She chuckled, her finger pointing at the gruesome hole in her forehead. 


I teetered on the edge of passing out or throwing up. It dawned on me that Roma hadn't been using her mouth to pleasure me after all. 

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