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100 Tales of Horror


Lost in the Woods





I couldn't help but curse under my breath as I realized that there’s no network signal to where I am. Where am I? Oh I'm just here in the middle of the forest with gigantic trees.


On a whim, I decided to go on an adventure by myself. Alone. Well, I recently broke up with my boyfriend, that’s why. So when a male coworker told me about a beautiful waterfall in a certain area here, I went there immediately. He gave me instructions on how to get there, but I got lost even though I followed the directions he gave!


I've been wandering around in the woods for a while now, but I can't find the waterfall he mentioned. I would have been okay even if I could just find the way out, but... no chance. What's making it scarier is that it's getting dark soon. I don't want to spend the night in the middle of the forest, you know! There might be wild animals here."I also didn't bring a tent or even sleeping bags that I could use to sleep because I never intended to stay overnight. I just wanted to see that fucking falls!


My coworker described it so beautifully that it really enticed me. Oh boy, he’s in big trouble when I get back!


I kept walking and hoping to come across the path I took earlier, but as it got darker, I remained within the forest.


I was about to cry when I saw something not far away. It seemed like there was a light. I pursued the light, and I was almost about to kiss the ground when I realized that the light was coming from a small house. The house had wooden walls. There were two torches outside, and it appears that was the light I saw earlier.


I didn't hesitate. I knocked, and a woman opened the door. She was thin and somewhat elderly. Perhaps she's around fifty years old. "What can I do for you, dear?" she asked.


"Good evening. I think I’m lost, ma'am. I’m really desperate so I want to ask if I could stay with you. Just for tonight."


"Well, no problem. Come in. " She widened the door's opening, and I entered. The house was small. And it had a woody feel. Almost everything in it was made of wood or tree parts. And the lighting was all gas-powered.


The woman was very kind, as she invited me to join her family's dinner. She mentioned that the sinigang (sour stew) she was cooking would be ready soon. Three of them lived in the house. The woman, her quiet, slender husband like her, and their only child, whose thigh was amputated above the knee. She was just seated in a wheelchair, gazing out of the window.She looked depressed. Well, I guess I would be too if I didn't have both of my legs.


After a while, the father pushed the young girl towards the dining table made of wide wood. There was a lamp in the middle. They said that the dish they were cooking would be ready soon. They also had me take a seat. I sat across from their daughter.


"Berto, could you fetch some chili peppers from the backyard? Sinigang is delicious with a dipping sauce of fish sauce and crushed chili!" the woman instructed her husband.


The man left quietly while the woman kept her focus on what she was cooking.


I looked at their daughter and smiled at her. "I'm Jasmine. How about you? What's your name?" I said to her, trying to strike up a conversation.


She didn't answer. It would have been fine if she just wanted to ignore me, but her gaze was bothering me. It's like she's afraid. And it seems like she's on the verge of tears, holding them back. Then her lips quivered, and I wasn't sure why. It wasn't cold. Actually, it was quite hot and humid even though their house was in the middle of the forest. Shouldn't it be a bit colder because of the trees?


"I'll leave you two for a moment. I just need to go outside to fetch Berto. He's taking so long," the woman said. After she removed the cooking pot from the stove, fueled by charcoal, she exited from view.


As soon as she’s gone, their daughter suddenly coughed and then said a word that I couldn't understand. She spoke so quickly.


"What was that? Are you saying something?"


Her eyes darted around. She coughed again. "...un!" I only caught a bit of it.


"What? What was that?" I asked.


"ru..." She coughed again.


I shook my head. "Sorry, I can't catch it."


She coughed. "...way!" Another cough. "Ru..."


"Ru what? Sorry, I..."


I froze when I pieced together the words she said amidst her coughing.






Run away?!


“Run? Run!" I whispered. She nodded quickly, her fear consuming her eyes. Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably. A chill crawled all over my body. My heartbeat raced. I finally understood what she meant.


Without hesitation, I stood up and grabbed my backpack. As soon as I slung it over my shoulder, I beelined for the door in a rush. When I opened it, I was startled to find the woman blocking my way. Her husband stood behind her, holding a machete.


The woman's smile was wide and eerie. She was slightly hunched, but her gaze was fixed on me. "Where are you going? You can't leave yet. Dinner is ready..." She said in a meaningful tone.

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