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100 Tales of Horror





"Wow, Tenong, check those earpods out! You've got some high-end stuff right there. Those things cost a pretty penny!" chuckled a woman as she lounged in a corner of the convenience store, sipping on a soft drink through a straw wrapped in plastic.


Twelve-year-old Tenong simply grinned. He was a kid from the squatter's area – skinny, often covered in dirt, the quintessential neighborhood boy.


"Hey, could you grab me a bottle of soy sauce?" Tenong asked the vendor.


"Where'd you snag those earphones, Tenong?" the vendor inquired, passing over his purchase.


Tenong exchanged payment wordlessly.


"I'd be down to buy those off you, Tenong. Are they the real deal?"


"Nah, not interested. These are mine," Tenong replied, pocketing his change before making his way back home. He handed over the soy sauce and the change to his mother.


That night, sleep eluded Tenong. He rested on the floor, shielded by cardboard and a mat. Nestled among his entire family, he was flanked by his parents and seven siblings, all huddled together.


He lay near their feet, tunes playing from his budget cellphone. His ears were adorned with earphones, a step up from his usual surroundings. He found it intriguing – unlike regular earphones, these were wireless.


Yet, an odd sensation tugged at him as if a hushed whisper emanated from within those earphones.


He swiftly pulled out one earphone, half-expecting a family member's call. However, everyone was deeply immersed in slumber. Reinserting the earphones, he resumed his music.


In time, the whisper returned. Tenong jolted upright, removing both earphones. He scrutinized each of his siblings in the surrounding darkness, half-thinking one of them was playing a prank. Yet, they all seemed genuinely out like lights.


His gaze flicked to the pair of earphones. Giving them a quick blow, he wondered if a bug or something might be causing the mysterious sound. Reaffirming his grip on reality, he reinserted the earphones. He waited, ears alert for that enigmatic whisper, but it remained absent. Only the music played on, so he settled back into his prone position.


However, as Tenong settled back down, the whisper returned. "That belongs to me..." It was distinctly more audible this time.


The voice was not new to him. It was a woman's voice he had encountered just once, yet it had etched itself into his memory as if he'd known it forever.


"Return it to me..." Another hushed utterance reached him.


The room's temperature seemed to plummet. Tenong yanked the blanket up to his chin, cocooning himself in its embrace. He shifted onto his side, the grip of unease slowly tightening, akin to the slow crawl of goosebumps across his arms and neck.


With all his willpower, he battled against the encroaching fear.


Tenong shut his eyes, attempting to coax sleep despite the relentless woman's whispers that seemed to persist within the earphones as if they resided deep inside. The murmurings echoed like distant echoes from a well, reverberating in his ears.


If Tenong dared to part his eyelids, he would surely confront the spectral visage of the woman, her lips moving to utter words directly into his ears. Her eyes bled tears of crimson, and a gaping void marred a significant portion of her skull, leaving her brain exposed. In essence, her head was shattered!


Raging fury burned within those eyes, yet the woman was none other than the fellow passenger from the jeep who had accompanied Tenong. He'd taken notice of her earphones, and as she disembarked, Tenong impulsively seized them away.


"Hand those over! They're mine! Thief!" The woman's screams echoed with hysteria as she gave chase to Tenong.


Blinded by her pursuit, the woman remained oblivious to the approaching truck. In a chilling turn of events, she was struck by the truck, her head tragically pinned beneath its wheel.

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