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100 Tales of Horror


Will Kill for Food



With my eyes squeezed shut, I held the jagged shard of glass to my female friend's neck. I applied pressure, ensuring her death was certain. Sections of her body twitched, akin to the convulsions of a dying fish sprawled on the ground. This gruesome task proved almost unbearable to witness. The room was bathed in dimness, the sole illumination filtering through a window fortified with sturdy iron bars.


For days on end, my friend and I had been trapped here. It's probably around nine days, although the exact duration was a tad uncertain.


Back then, we had just attended a lively cosplay event, both of us still adorned in our character costumes. She was decked out as Erza from the anime Fairy Tail, while I dressed as Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, a character that doubled as my namesake – Sakura.


We were strolling along, and the clock nearly struck eleven at night. The cosplay event had been a blast – we had an absolute blast. New friendships bloomed among like-minded souls- folks who shared our fervor for all things cosplay. Heck, a few of them were even down for a meetup in the coming week.


Our footsteps fell on the desolate street, darkness blanketing the surroundings. Out of nowhere, a crimson car stopped next to us. In the blink of an eye, the scene shifted. A towering man emerged from the vehicle, promptly coercing us into its confines. Given his formidable stature and our slender frames, it was an effortless feat.


And now, we're stuck here. A confined room, just the two of us. No bed, no restroom – the stench hangs heavy in the air. Our options are limited, leaving us with no alternative but to designate a corner for necessities. A rope and a solitary mirror grace the room's sparse contents, hanging from the wall.


Ever since that man locked us in, he hasn't bothered with feeding us. A mere glass of water was the extent of his 'hospitality,' offered only on our second day here. We've been nursing that ration carefully. But it ran dry three days back, leaving us no choice but to resort to drinking our own urine.


Day by day, my friend and I are growing feeble. Starvation gnaws at us relentlessly. The grim notion of the kidnapper ending our lives due to hunger lingers like a shadow. Yet, our assumptions were off the mark – proven unequivocally wrong yesterday when the man stepped into our chamber. Strangers to us, he outlined a grim proposal: if either my friend or I were to kill the other, the survivor could eat.


"I can't do it, Sakura. You're my best friend," my companion proclaimed as the man made his exit.


"And I can't do it either... I won't kill you just to feed myself." That had been my resolute reply to him yesterday, but... things have taken a turn now.


My hunger has escalated to an unbearable degree. The agony of starvation is pushing me to the brink, and this is an instinctual struggle for survival. Against all my inclinations, I committed the unthinkable – I took the life of my friend. Driven by the desperation for food, I strangled her while she slumbered. As her strength waned, I wielded a piece of the shattered mirror, puncturing her throat until her life ebbed away.


Only when her motion ceased, her lifeblood pooling on the floor, did I seem to awaken from a twisted trance. I released my grip on the mirror, sinking to the ground, tears streaming down my face. "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!" I wailed, the weight of my actions crashing down upon me.


Amid my anguished cries, the room's door groaned open, followed by the sound of approaching footsteps. Lifting my tear-streaked face, I found the man standing before me.


I sank to my knees beside my friend's lifeless form. "I... I did it, just like you asked! I took her life so I could live! So now, please, give me something to eat. W-where's the food? I'm begging you, I can't bear this hunger any longer!" Desperation clung to my words, my sense of urgency nearing the point of kneeling at his feet.


Every fiber of my being quivered from the grip of ravenous hunger. It was as though my very insides were consuming each other – my stomach devouring its own contents.


The man's grin widened as my gaze met his. "Well done... Relax, because I'm true to my word." His voice held a deep, resounding timbre. "You can satisfy your hunger at last."


A rush of elation surged within me. "R-really?! Where's the food?"


"Right beside you, Sakura. Eat your fill!" he responded a chuckle accompanying his words. With that, he turned and departed the room.


As the door sealed shut anew, my eyes settled on my friend's lifeless figure beside me.

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