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100 Tales of Horror


There is Someone in Our House



"Babe, babe! Wake up..." Kimberly whispered, gently rousing her husband who was sound asleep beside her on their bed. She accompanied her words with a gentle shake of his shoulder. It was two o'clock in the early morning. The surroundings were quiet, and the only sound in their room was the faint hum of the air conditioning.


"Why, babe?" her husband grumbled, irritation lacing his voice. Being woken up in the middle of sleep could understandably lead to annoyance, right?


"T-there's someone. Someone's in the house!" she exclaimed, her words tinged with fear.


Kimberly's husband jolted awake at what she said. "What did you say?!" his drowsiness vanished.


"Don't make noise! They might hear us. Someone's inside. In the house! They're in the kitchen." Their home was a bungalow-type house. It was just the right size with two bedrooms. One was for their only daughter.


Earlier, she had gotten up and suddenly felt thirsty. She went to the kitchen and drank some water. She was about to return to their room when she saw a figure of a person peeking through the open door, headed towards the laundry area. That person held a knife, and she knew it was looking at her. Because the light was off, she couldn't make out who it was or what its face looked like. She ran back, filled with fear, and woke up her husband in a state of alarm.


Her spouse looked at her intently. After a moment, he burst into laughter. "That’s what you get. You've been watching too many horror movies on Netflix. Now you're getting paranoid and seeing all sorts of things." He playfully messed up her hair. "We should get some sleep. Our daughter has a family day at school later."


He took her hand and guided her to lie down, but she resisted. "What I saw wasn't my imagination! There was someone else who entered our house. Believe me!" She suddenly stopped. "Our child! Who knows what that person might do to our daughter!"


"Okay, okay. Calm down, Kimberly. What do you want me to do?"


"I-I want you to bring our daughter here. She's alone in her room. Anything could happen to her!" She became frustrated with her husband's calm demeanor. She pushed him gently. "Why do you seem reluctant to believe me?"


"Kimberly, it's impossible for someone else to have entered our house. Our doors are sturdy. We have double locks. The windows have grills, and we have a burglar security alarm. If what you're saying is true, that someone else entered, the alarm would go off and—"


"I don't care about that alarm! What I want is for you to bring our child here! Hurry up. I'm going to call the police!"


He raised both hands calmly. "Okay. "I'll go check on our child, and I'll also go through the entire house to dispel your fear." He caressed her right cheek.


"Be careful..."


"Daddy? Mommy?"


They exchanged glances upon hearing their child's voice. Their child knocked twice on the closed door of their room. Kimberly's husband raised his eyebrows. "See?"


"O-open the door," she ordered. She was still afraid, even though she now knew their child was safe. She couldn't shake off the image of the person with the knife she had seen in the kitchen from her mind.


Her husband got off the bed. He seemed rather lazy as he walked and opened the door. He stepped out, and she was startled when the door slammed shut loudly, leaving her husband out. A long silence filled the room as Kimberly remained alone.


She held her breath as she waited for her husband's return with their child. But almost a minute had passed, and her husband still hadn't come back. She gasped when she saw blood trickling from under the door. Because of that, she knew something terrible had happened. To make sure, she mustered her courage, slid off the bed, and approached the closed door.


Her hands trembled as she grasped the doorknob and turned it. With a slow pull, she opened the door, and before her was her child. The child stood there, bloodied, and at its feet lay the lifeless, stabbed body of her husband. What shook her even more was the knife her child was holding!


"What..." Kimberly couldn't comprehend anything anymore. They stared at each other for a while until she realized that the figure of the person she had seen in the kitchen was just as tall and bulky as her child's body. Did this mean...


"Mommy?" Her child smiled. For the first time, she felt a shiver of horror and fear from her child's smile.


Was she the one who killed her husband? But her child was only fourteen. She didn't think her child could do such a thing yet. It was beyond her capacity!


Her child took a step towards her husband's body, then slowly walked towards her. For each step it took forward, she took one step back. Until she found herself leaning against the door. "Child... Why do you have—"


She didn't finish her sentence as her child swiftly approached her, the knife thrusting into her abdomen. "I'm sorry, mommy."


"I just need to do this..." It said emotionlessly as it repeatedly stabbed her in various parts of her body.

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