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Arcane Awakening


Chapter 5: The Fall of Lumina



Eldor’s journey had been long and grueling. His travel with Old Man Marik has only brought him to an unfamiliar location. It was a barren dessert where no loves would thrive.

“Old man, I thought you knew where the Lumina Academy is? This place is a graveyard,” Eldor said.

“This is where Lumina Academy is supposed to be,”

Eldor was about to release some of his pent-up stress, but upon taking a closer look at the terrain, the mountains on the east, it stimulated something inside him. If he’s not mistaken, he had taken this route once in his former life.


Happiness surged within Eldor. Finally, he’s a step closer.


“Thanks Old man,”



He had traveled through villages, over rugged terrain, and now, at last, he stood at the foot of what had once been the grand Lumina Academy. His heart pounded with dread as he gazed up at the towering cliffs and the path that wound its way up the mountain.


“Finally,” he whispered.


Eldor leaned heavily on a makeshift cane he had carved from a fallen branch. Tears welled up in his eyes, from the physical exhaustion and from the emotional weight of reaching this place, he once called home.


Eldor had walked its halls as a proud Arcane Swordsman. The academy’s name was whispered with reverence across the lands.


But now, as Eldor stood at the base of the mountain, the reality of the academy’s fall was stark and unavoidable.


The path leading up to the academy, once bustling with students and visitors, was now overgrown and barely visible.


He could see the faint outlines of where grand archways and stone steps had once been, now reduced to rubble and overgrown with vines.


Eldor took a deep breath, steeling himself for the climb ahead.


“This is it. I have to see it with my own eyes.”


He began his ascent. The air grew thinner as he climbed, his breaths coming in labored gasps. The once grand path was now a treacherous trail, filled with loose rocks and sharp edges that cut into his feet through his worn-out boots.


“Huaaak! Huaaak!” Eldor gasped. He paused to catch his breath.


He clung to a jagged rock, looking up at the path that seemed to stretch endlessly into the clouds.


“This can’t be real. Was it always this steep?”


Memories of his younger self effortlessly navigating these paths, running up the mountain with his fellow students, flashed through his mind. “What test is this? Why build a school on top of a mountain if you want people to attend?”


The higher he climbed, the more desolate the path became. Where there should have been bustling activity, there was only silence.


Eldor’s heart ached with each step. The once vibrant energy of the place had been replaced by an eerie stillness.


As Eldor continued his ascent, he stumbled over a loose rock, falling to his knees. “Damn it!” he cursed, clutching his leg. Pain shot through his body, but he gritted his teeth and forced himself to stand.


He looked around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the academy’s spires through the fog. Instead, he saw only more jagged cliffs and steep inclines.


Eldor’s thoughts drifted to his old mentors and comrades. “Would they recognize this place now?” he wondered aloud. “Would they see the greatness that once was?”


His mind filled with memories of his training sessions, the camaraderie with his fellow students, and the wisdom imparted by his masters.


He remembered the pride he felt when he first entered the academy, the sense of belonging and purpose. But now, all that remained were ruins and memories.


Just as despair threatened to overwhelm him, Eldor saw a faint glimmer through the mist—a structure from afar, still standing, though battered and worn.


“Is that…?” His heart leaped as he pushed forward.


As he drew closer, the shape of the old library became clearer. Its stone walls were cracked and covered in moss, but it stood defiantly against the decay.


The majestic institution that had been the pinnacle of magical and martial excellence was now a shadow of its former self.


The grand entrance was now a crumbling gateway, overrun with weeds and vines.

The truth hit him hard: Lumina Academy had fallen far from its glory days.


Eldor’s fingers clawed at the rocky ledge as he hauled himself over the final obstacle. “Acckkk!” he gasped, collapsing onto the ground, his body splayed out like a ragdoll. “Ahh! I’m going to die,” he muttered.


He lay there for a moment, staring up at the sky, the clouds floating far below him.

Despite the brutal climb, despite his exhaustion, he had made it. He had finally reached Lumina Academy.


“This can’t be true,” Eldor whispered, his voice trembling. “Not Lumina.”


With each step, Eldor’s heart sank further.


He moved slowly, almost reverently, towards the academy’s main gate.


The sight before him was heartbreaking. The once grand entrance, with its imposing stone arches and intricate carvings, was now a dilapidated ruin.


The gate itself hung askew, one side completely off its hinges, and the other clinging precariously.


Eldor’s gaze fell on the academy’s crest, or what remained of it. The proud symbol of Lumina—a phoenix rising from flames—was now a faded, barely discernible outline on the crumbling stone.


“Where did it all go wrong?”


He pushed open the gate, the rusted hinges groaning in protest. The path beyond was strewn with rubble and debris. The magic garden, once a place of training and camaraderie, was overgrown with weeds and dotted with broken statues and fallen columns.


Eldor’s steps faltered as he reached the center of the courtyard. He looked up at the main building, its facade cracked and weathered, windows shattered and doors hanging open.


He approached the steps leading up to the entrance, his mind filled with memories of his time here. The bustling halls, the laughter of students, the intense training sessions—it was all gone. The silence was deafening.


Eldor sank to his knees at the top of the steps, his hand clutching his cane for support.


“Lumina… what happened to you? How did it come to this?”


As he looked around, he noticed the signs of neglect everywhere. Spider webs clung to the corners, dust and dirt covered the floors, and the once immaculate walls were now marred by graffiti and decay. The academy’s fall from grace was evident in every detail.


Tears welled up in Eldor’s eyes as he thought about the sacrifices made to protect Lumina. He remembered the battles fought, the lives lost, and the promise they had all made to uphold the academy’s legacy.


“Was it all for nothing?”


He could hear the voices of his old mentors and comrades in his mind, their words of wisdom and encouragement now tinged with a sense of loss.


“We gave everything for this place. And now… look at it.”


Just then, Eldor heard a faint sound—a voice, distant and soft, but unmistakably real. He lifted his head, straining to listen.


“Who’s there?” the voice called.


Eldor’s heart skipped a beat. He wasn’t alone. Gathering his strength, he stood up and looked around, trying to locate the source of the voice.


“Hello? Is someone there?”

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