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Bitter Bargain BL R18


Chapter VI Beneath the Gilded Chains



“Master! Master!…”


The frantic voice of the butler echoed, accompanied by a series of urgent knocks on the door. Elliot, caught in the throes of his impending rut, turned sharply towards the sound. His body, already taut with the tension of repressed pheromones, moved instinctively to shield Adrian Hartley from view.


Adrian, blindfolded and vulnerable, remained unaware of the turmoil unfolding around him. He felt the shift in the air, the sudden intensity of Elliot’s presence as he stepped in front of him, blocking him from the doorway.


“What is it?” Elliot’s voice was a low growl.


The butler, a recessive alpha, hesitated at the threshold. The overwhelming scent of Elliot’s pheromones caused him to falter, his breath catching in his throat. Despite his loyalty and composure, the butler was visibly shaken.


“Sir, I have urgent news…” the butler began.


Elliot cut him off.


“Do not disturb us,” he ordered.


The butler bowed slightly, retreating with a quick, “Of course, sir,” before disappearing down the hallway.


The door closed with a resounding click, sealing the room in a heavy, charged silence.


Elliot turned back to Adrian, a wave of self-disgust washing over him. The instinctive move to protect Adrian felt foreign and unsettling. He had always prided himself on his control but now that control was slipping.


The room felt stifling. He glanced at Adrian, still blindfolded and holding out his wrists, the bruises stark against his pale skin.


“Lie down,”


He needed to regain control, to focus on the task at hand.


Elliot took a deep breath, trying to steady himself. He reached for the rope, his fingers brushing against Adrian’s trembling hands. The contact sent a jolt through him. He began to tie Adrian’s wrists.


The room’s oppressive silence was broken only by the soft rustle of fabric and the creak of the bed as Adrian shifted under Elliot’s hands. The blindfold was a small mercy, sparing Adrian the sight of Elliot’s conflicted expression.


As he secured the knots, Elliot’s thoughts were a chaotic whirl.


The rut was overwhelming. He despised this part of himself, the part that had to rely on the presence of an omega to maintain his balance.


Adrian lay still. The thought of his parents, lying in their hospital beds, gnawed at him. He needs to see them, to ensure their care.


“Please, I need to go to the hospital after this.”


Elliot’s grip tightened on the rope, his frustration bubbling to the surface. He looked away, unable to meet Adrian’s gaze even through the blindfold.


“Do whatever you want,” he muttered.


Elliot’s mind was elsewhere. He needed to get through this rut quickly, to clear his mind for the critical discussions ahead.


Elliot’s hands, usually steady and precise, were trembling slightly as he finished tying the knots. He stepped back, trying to shake off the unsettling feeling that had taken hold of him.


“Lie down,” Elliot repeated, his voice softer this time, almost a plea.


Adrian complied, his body sinking into the soft mattress.




Adrian Hartley’s body trembled under the relentless force of Elliot Kane’s rut. Their encounters had always been fraught with tension, but this time, the intensity was beyond anything Adrian had ever experienced.


Elliot’s thrusts were powerful and unyielding, driving deeper into Adrian’s core, leaving him gasping for breath.


Adrian bit down hard on his lower lip, desperate to stifle the sounds that threatened to escape.


His lower body was slick with their mingled fluids, the squelching noise of their union echoing obscenely in the room.


He wished, for a fleeting moment, that he could be gagged to silence his involuntary cries.




Elliot’s hands gripped Adrian’s waist tightly, his fingers digging into the flesh as he fought to maintain control. He looked down at the slender frame beneath him, noting how Adrian’s body seemed even thinner than before.


The sight of Adrian’s prominent ribs and the delicate curve of his wrists and ankles, exposed earlier while tying him up, gnawed at Elliot’s conscience.


Why does it bother me?


Elliot’s thoughts swirled in confusion. He had always maintained a detached stance, treating Adrian as nothing more than a tool for his needs. Yet now, in the midst of his rut, he found himself troubled by Adrian’s fragility.




The increased contact with Adrian’s body, no longer restrained by the usual bindings, created an illusion of intimacy that unsettled Elliot.


The sensation of skin against skin, the heat and slickness of their connection, made it feel almost like a genuine act of passion.


Elliot’s instincts warred with his rationality. His body craved the release, the primal satisfaction that came with the rut, but his mind resisted, struggling to maintain some semblance of control.


He could feel the tight grip of Adrian’s inner walls around him, each squeeze and contraction drawing him deeper into the haze of his rut.


Unable to contain the rising tide of his desire, Elliot flipped Adrian onto his back with a sudden, forceful movement. Adrian’s eyes widened beneath the blindfold, his body tensing as he was repositioned.


For a moment, Elliot hesitated, his usual efficiency in their encounters disrupted by the intensity of his need.


Elliot’s usual preference for quick, efficient release was lost to the storm of the rut.


Normally, he would take Adrian from behind, minimizing the contact and focusing solely on the task of relieving his pheromones. But the rut had stripped away that veneer of control, leaving him raw and exposed.


Adrian’s body was tossed and turned as Elliot sought to sate his instincts. Each new position brought a fresh wave of sensations, pushing Adrian closer to the edge of endurance.


He clung to the sheets, his legs spread wide, feeling as if he were being consumed by the force of Elliot’s passion.




Adrian’s teeth clenched as he tried to brace himself against the relentless onslaught.


His mind, usually a refuge where he could distance himself from the physical reality of their encounters, was a maelstrom of sensations and emotions. He had always endured these moments by dissociating, by convincing himself that he was merely a tool. But facing Elliot, with their bodies intertwined and the weight of the rut bearing down on them, made that escape impossible.


Elliot’s gaze was locked on Adrian’s face, the blindfold slightly askew, revealing glimpses of his expressive features. The sight of Adrian’s lips, parted in gasps and tightly pressed together to stifle cries, drew Elliot in.


He found himself captivated by the vulnerability and raw emotion etched into Adrian’s features.


Without conscious thought, Elliot’s lips descended on Adrian’s, capturing them in a fierce, desperate kiss.


The sudden contact startled Adrian, a muffled noise escaping him as their mouths met. Elliot’s kiss was demanding, his tongue seeking entry, claiming Adrian with an urgency that mirrored the thrusts of his hips.


Adrian’s body reacted instinctively, his back arching as he returned the kiss, his own desperation and need melding with Elliot’s.


Elliot’s control finally shattered. He broke the kiss, his mouth trailing down Adrian’s neck, nipping and biting at the sensitive skin. Adrian’s gasp of surprise turned into a moan as Elliot’s teeth sank into the soft flesh, marking him with possessive intensity.




Adrian’s cry was sharp and unbidden, the sensation of Elliot’s bite sending a jolt of pleasure and pain through his body.


The pheromone glands in his neck responded to the stimulation, releasing a subtle, enticing scent that mingled with Elliot’s dominant pheromones.


Elliot’s reaction was immediate and visceral. The scent of Adrian’s pheromones, usually faint and controlled, now filled the room, heightening his arousal.


He buried his face in Adrian’s neck, inhaling deeply as he continued to rut against him, driven by the primal need to claim and possess.


The room seemed to spin around them, the boundaries between pleasure and pain blurring into a heady mix of sensation.


Elliot’s movements grew more frenzied. The sight of Adrian beneath him, the feel of his body yielding and responsive, fueled his desire. The rut had stripped away all pretense, leaving only the raw, unfiltered need that drove him to claim his omega.


Adrian’s body trembled with each thrust, his mind teetering on the edge of surrender. The intensity of Elliot’s rut, combined with the unexpected tenderness of his touch, overwhelmed him. He clung to the sheets, his breaths coming in ragged gasps as he struggled to process the torrent of sensations.


In the dim light, with the shadows dancing around them, Elliot’s focus wavered between the primal and the personal. He was caught in a maelstrom of conflicting emotions, torn between his need for release and the burgeoning awareness of Adrian as more than just a contract-bound omega.


The bite marks on Adrian’s neck stood out starkly, a visible testament to Elliot’s loss of control. He stared at them, his mind struggling to reconcile the possessive marks with the vulnerable man beneath him. The contrast was jarring, a stark reminder of the power dynamics that had defined their relationship for so long.


Elliot’s thoughts fractured, the rut pushing him to the brink of sanity. He knew he was close, the relentless drive of his body demanding release. But beneath the haze of his rut, a small, persistent voice questioned the path he had chosen, the bonds he had forged, and the boundaries he had imposed.


Elliot’s expression hardened, his breath coming in ragged gasps as he continued to move against Adrian. The intensity of his rut had pushed him to the edge, every nerve in his body alight with a fire he struggled to control. The sensation of Adrian’s tight, yielding body beneath him was driving him to a frenzy, each thrust sending shockwaves of pleasure through him.


His heart pounded so fiercely it felt as though it might burst from his chest. Elliot’s vision blurred at the edges, his mind teetering on the brink of madness. He had imagined this moment countless times, had steeled himself against the inevitability of losing control. But now, faced with the reality, he found himself hurtling off the precipice of sanity.


Below him, Adrian’s voice rose in a crescendo of pain and surprise.


“Aww, agh…!!!”


The sound pierced through the haze in Elliot’s mind. He glanced down, his eyes widening in shock as he realized what was happening. His cock, buried deep inside Adrian, had begun to swell, the knot forming at its base.


This was not supposed to happen, not now, not like this.




Adrian’s moan turned into a scream as the knot continued to expand, stretching him in ways he was not prepared for. The pain etched across Adrian’s face mirrored the turmoil inside Elliot. He had always viewed knotting as an unfortunate side effect of alpha physiology. Yet here he was, caught in the throes of a rut that defied his every expectation.


*Why now?*


Elliot’s thoughts raced as he struggled to maintain control. The knotting was inevitable, a process that, once begun, could not be halted without causing harm to both of them. He had no choice but to ride out the storm, his body locking them together in a primal, unbreakable bond.


Elliot forced himself to relax, to ease the tension from his muscles as the knot continued to swell. He focused on Adrian, trying to ground himself in the present moment, to find a way to comfort him despite the circumstances. With his cock fully knotted, the tip swelled to an almost unbearable size, filling Adrian’s insides completely.


“Agh…it hurts…ah..ah!…”


Adrian’s voice broke through Elliot’s reverie, the pain in his tone slicing through the fog of the rut. The blindfold had slipped, revealing Adrian’s wide, tear-filled eyes.


Knotting in such an unprepared state was excruciating for Adrian. His body tensed and writhed in response, each movement intensifying the pain.

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