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Title: Surrender
Author: 墨奈何 




Book 1


When Xu Ye stepped into a BD*M club looking for someone who could satisfy his darkest desires, he met a mysterious and powerful man. That man could bring him to the peak of pleasure, but what the man wanted was a s*ave that completely trusted and surrendered to him.


Xu Ye did not want to be a s*ave with no free will, but he soon became deeply entangled with the mysterious man; sinking deeper and deeper into his embrace. However, when he finally discovered the man's true identity and wanted to extract himself, he found that he could no longer leave.


Book 2


The events following Surrender Book 1 by the same author. This is a spinoff story detailing about Marvin's character from Surrender 1


Zhuo Yue is a dying actor who had to shoulder a family debt. Forced at wit's end, he braved himself to meet Fang MingYan, the big boss of a rival entertainment agency, also a professional dom and the only man who could get him out of the situation and possibly restore his career.


"Since you can find me all the way here and beg me, naturally you should have known my preferences. If you can satisfy me tonight, I will sign you up."


Zhuo Yue gritted his teeth told himself that as long as he obeyed and satisfied the man, if he could bear this humiliation, he would restore the glory of his past. That night he took the first step into his world of BD*M- sinking him deeper and deeper to a path of no return.


Book 3


The story of the two young masters of the Chu family.


I don't understand your silent guardianship, you don't understand my stubborn persistence.

In these incomprehensions, how much time we wasted and how much we failed in the past. Before this life runs out, I want to stand by your side, Withstand disasters for you, and dispel loneliness for you. Before this life runs out, I want to be with you, Step across the river in the setting sun, and watch the stars and the moon together.



What I Think


Both the main characters (MC and ML) didn't handle their relationship well at the start. Misunderstandings and poor communication led to a lot of pain between them. The ML, who secretly loved the MC, got tricked because the MC, reeling from his dad's death, made the bad decision to ally with the enemy against the ML. The situation got worse with the MC's betrayal, but honestly, I really disliked the ML until the very end when they finally had a heart-to-heart.I'm not a fan of the r*pe scenes, but I was warned about them, so I won't dock stars for that aspect.


Surprisingly, this BD*M smut novel made me cry, which I didn't see coming. It's more than just mindless smut; there's a real story that made me care deeply about the characters. It was tough seeing them go through so much. The writing is beautiful, and the translation makes it easy to get into.


I'd recommend it, but with a caution that it might not be for everyone.

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