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Ways of Parting

Title: Ways of Parting




Ha Joyoon, a war correspondent for TPA, a foreign news agency, has been in a coma for five years after being involved in an accident in a civil war zone. Miraculously, he returns home and visits his ex-lover, but he was already with someone else ... They were friends from birth, and lovers after they grew up. A man who never thought of breaking up with his lover and did not imagine himself with another person in his life, found his lover with someone other than him.


The world blames all the consequences on his selfishness and irresponsibility. It took time and different ways to end, but Ha Joyoon, who never experienced such a thing, falls helplessly and clings to an old lover who is trying to forget him. But then another man came into his life. This new man doesn't need affection and just wants to enjoy carnal desires. It is the first time that Ha Joyoon has experienced separation and the responsibility of love in his thirty-one years of life.


What I Think


Like many fans, I found this novel after following its manhwa adaptation. Before this, I stick to Chinese novels (danmei), but this one's an exception. I'm eagerly waiting for the translations to finish it. This work stands out to me because of the way it handles its themes. It's not your typical light read, nor does it fall into the trap of being overly dramatic or frustrating like many romantic dramas tend to be.


Every character is facing personal obstacles that prevent them from making decisions and moving forward, which adds a layer of realism and complexity to the story. Surprisingly, I find myself feeling both sad and happy for the main trio, which is unusual for me, especially when it comes to ex-partners and side characters.


What I truly appreciate about this novel is its exploration of the complexities of moving on and the intricacies of love. Some readers have mentioned the pacing being slow, but given the novel's focus, I believe the pacing is just right, adding to its realism. The story takes its time to unfold, emphasizing that making choices about love isn't straightforward. Time gaps and separations play significant roles in character and relationship development.


Moreover, the novel shines a light on various forms of love, which is the crux of the protagonist's dilemma. This nuanced portrayal makes it one of my favorite works.



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