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His Lover's Replica

The Omega is the mastermind behind the scenes, preferring to pull strings without sharing any control. He's all about having the upper hand, so when he starts to have real feelings for his "fake" husband, who's also playing his own games and keeping secrets, things get heated. Things escalate when an incident leads the Alpha to reveal his true colors, leading to some dark moments (think r*pe, detention, and violence, but without falling into the typical Stockholm syndrome scenario).The real tension in the story isn't about their physical attraction, which is there from the start, but from their struggle with trust. Ironically, this lack of trust somehow brings them to a strange kind of mutual understanding. The plot itself might not be too complex, but the emotional rollercoaster is intense.

Title: His Lover's Replica




When a careerist carefully crafts a replica.


A violent yellow story in which two villains suppress and tame each other.


There are no three views, and the plot is simple and illogical, in short, everything is for driving.


What I Think


This story really divides opinions. It's about two characters who both love playing mind games, each trying to get the upper hand in their relationship, but not in the way you might think. It's less about who's on top in bed and more about who holds the power between them.


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