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I Must Be a Fake Alpha!


Title: I Must Be a Fake Alpha!




The alpha has grown up well since childhood, the youngest one at home. So he is a child king.


Then there is an omega who is beautiful and was brought into their home by his father. In private, he thought that this little omega was his wife. All the toys and desserts were given to him and he had to cover his omega status when he went to school. After growing up, he joined the army, and was charming with broad shoulders and thin legs.


The alpha conceals his identity and becomes a military doctor. Even if it's as a beta, there's a lot of alphas waiting in line.


I feel very uncomfortable. I don't think the cabbage I raised from childhood is for others!


It turns out that Omega is bigger than him?


What I Think:


This book was a cool twist on the usual omega verse stories, with the Omega being the dominant one and the Alpha taking a more submissive role. I've never come across a story like this before! It was really interesting to see how the Alpha struggled against his natural instincts to be with his Omega. Even though it was a short story, the author did a great job pulling me into the story. I liked seeing how the Alpha was so attentive to the Omega, basically letting him lead. It was also nice to see that the Omega cared deeply for the Alpha and wanted to be in charge. Plus, it made for some great smut too.


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