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The Escort

Title: The Escort




Shao Mingwei is a student with great academic potential but for some reason he worked part-time as a bar escort and unexpectedly met Min Yu, a well-known local businessman who he once had an encounter with at his university.


Shao Mingwei considered himself a straight man, but step by step, he was unable to extricate himself from Min Yu's gentle and soft advances...


What I Think


Really liked this story! The first part, where the main character (a college student and the dominant partner) is dealing with money problems, hit me hard. Life's been tough on him, making him strong, principled, and hardworking. Yet, you can see his youth in some of his later decisions. As for the love interest (older by over 10 years and the submissive partner), he's just adorable and super thoughtful. The second half feels more like everyday life, which might seem a bit repetitive to some.


"Fanwei" happens years later and focuses more on side characters and gives us a peek into the love interest's thoughts in one chapter. Shao Rong, a college student, ends up with a boyfriend, and both the main character's best friend and the love interest's niece start their own families. And Zhao Sheng's outcome was a total surprise—I didn't see his partnership coming at all!



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