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Title: Loneliness




Living together with an inarticulate old classmate for three years and suddenly discovering that he had been secretly loved by him for over ten years.


What I Think:


This story isn't your typical sweet and fluffy tale. It delves into the complex aspects of the main characters' personalities that often go unspoken. With that, some readers might only see a clumsy, inarticulate, and seemingly dull person who lies about being okay to avoid burdening his crush. They might miss seeing the deeply wounded and neglected child beneath, who clings to the last bit of happiness he can find in the only way he knows.


For me, though, this story holds more value than those featuring only strong, smart, witty, and charming characters. Reality isn't like that. People are complicated—a beautiful mix of emotions, fears, hopes, scars, dreams, and desires. This story captures that complexity wonderfully, making it one of the best I've ever read.


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