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Application For Divorce

Title: Application For Divorce




Seven years ago, Cheng Jin had forced and oppressed Lu Tao to marry him.


After suffering from the other's cold treatment, being hated after the marriage and experienced being broke, he finally decided to let go.


His husband, yet, unexpectedly lost his memory and fell in love with him.


Cheng Jin not only was delighted, but felt unrivalled agony, because he knew that this love had an "expiration date".


What I think


The story was alright, with a pretty typical plot centered around misunderstandings, but it sure had plenty of steamy scenes. The main character (MC) was adorable yet a bit naive, which makes sense considering his sheltered upbringing. The male lead (ML) had reasons for his past actions, but when he tried to make amends, their relationship was already strained due to poor communication. However, it did get really sweet and heartwarming as the story progressed. And yes, the steamy scenes were definitely spicy!


On the other hand, I was disappointed with the subplot involving the secondary couple. The MC's brother deserved so much better than his terrible partner. I was hoping the extra chapters would show some redemption, but no luck there—a bad character remained just that, showing a lack of understanding of consent and being overly obsessive. It was frustrating to see such behavior easily forgiven. No sympathy from me for that character.


Despite the issues with the secondary storyline, the main couple's journey is worth reading. They bring a healing touch to the story that might just mend your heart after the rollercoaster with the secondary couple.


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