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Title: Asteroid




Xu Tangzhou lost his memory. He always dreamed of an unfamiliar Alpha who made his legs go weak, and his dreams caused one to be red in the face.


One day, he saw the Alpha he dreamed of on TV. Apparently, the other party was a huge celebrity called Ling Che.


Not long after, he debuted and his manager said that he wanted to find someone to guide him.


After meeting Ling Che, Xu Tangzhou's facial expression was indifferent. "Oh."


Xu Tangzhou's inner thoughts: Ahhhhhhhhhh he's so hot!


Four years ago, Ling Che's Omega disappeared overnight and thoroughly broke up with him.


Four years later, Ling Che had already become the king of the music industry. He met the partner who was newly assigned to him by his company for a business couple.


That newcomer was called Xu Tangzhou.


The manager smiled obsequiously. "Our Zhou Zhou looks like a cold beauty but beneath the surface, he's exceptionally pure."


Ling Che coldly laughed. "You want me to guide him? Maybe in the next life."


That night, the cold beauty that was exceptionally pure beneath the surface appeared in front of Ling Che's room door.


He was clean and fresh, and he loosely wore a bathrobe with a wide collar.


The next day, the sweetest CP in the history of the entertainment industry was born.


What I Think


I feel like the whole amnesia angle is a bit overdone to stretch out the story. It's hard to believe that the male lead (ML) couldn't tell something was off with his ex when they bumped into each other after 4 years. It's pretty obvious to anyone, even to a new reader, that the main character (MC)'s way of acting around the ML isn't normal. It seems like the author might be using the amnesia plot just to add more to the story, which is a bit eye-roll-worthy.


Honestly, turning it into an entertainment omegaverse story would have been plenty interesting for fans of those genres without needing the extra amnesia drama.


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