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Before the Divorce

Title: Before the Divorce




As the youngest "Crown Prince" loved by his family, Han Shi did not have the right acting skills but entered showbiz, and wanted to become famous just to pursue and approach Li Feng.


Fortunately, in a reality show, Li Feng chagrined because he did not understand the variety of a reality show. He want to cooperate with Han Shi, but slowly found that he had a different understanding of Han Shi.


Li Feng became curious and interested. His heart moved for Han Shi.


What I Think


This story was sweet but way too brief for my liking. I'm a big fan of Man Man He Qi Duo; his works are always so cute and fluffy.


The main character (MC) is exactly the type I enjoy—fierce yet somehow timid and shy around the male lead (ML). Like other readers, I felt the ML's love for the MC came on too quickly. It seemed like he might have had feelings for the MC even before their reality show began, given how quickly he agreed to marriage and remained loyal. However, the author left this bit unclear, which was a little frustrating.


Still, I really enjoyed the story. Despite its brevity, it made a significant impact on me. I found myself really empathizing with the MC; his character was well-developed and the story, while short, was engaging and well-written.


For anyone who likes this genre, I'd definitely recommend giving it a read. It's a quick, light read that's sure to warm your heart.


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