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Kiss Me, Liar

Title: Kiss Me, Liar




"I don't sleep with men. And don't bring Yeonwoo into this."


Keith Knight Pittman. The person who affected my life the most, but doesn't care about me at all. Or he likes me a little, just that I have no place in his heart.


I worked as a secretary for such a person. But one day, at an or*y party he hosted. Surrounded by alphas, I was traumatized. Rather than listen to the man's abuses and faulting me, I resigned from his company.


After one week, for some reason, Keith came to me on his own accord and asked me to return to the office...


"Are you asking me to come back?"


"Well, isn't that what it looks like? ...Tell me, anything you want."


You. I bit my lips, barely managing to suppress that word. There are many other ways to die.


What I Think


This smut story is definitely on the steamier side, but you've got to be ready to stick with it through about 90 chapters before things really heat up. The overall plot is decent, but where it falls a bit short is in its execution and character development. However, I did find the main character (MC) likable. It seems unfair to criticize the story for the couple not officially dating. It's more about a physical relationship mingled with unrequited love, featuring characters who aren't the best at emotional intelligence. They're caught in misunderstandings without a clear commitment, which, let's be real, is something that happens in adult relationships too. It's essentially about casual encounters, not formal dating, so accusations of cheating don't really apply here. The MC is aware of the dynamics and responds accordingly.


There's an interesting note about translation; what's termed as "extreme alpha" could be more accurately described as "Dominant" Alpha, reflecting the Korean omegaverse's version of an SSS alpha. It's intriguing how omegas in this story have the agency to choose whether to mark an alpha, which allows them to decide if they want the alpha's mark on them.


Reading machine-translated versions (MTL) was a bit of a headache, but thankfully, the translation is making progress. I'm looking forward to rereading it once the translation is completed.


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