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Secret Night : When the Veil is Lifted

Title: Secret Night : When the Veil is Lifted




"The red light district suits you, not the Imperial Palace."


He was insulted over and over again, but he still couldn't get used to it.


The Seventh Prince, Clarence, was not the main character of this banquet.


"I guess it's true that it's your first time, seeing how tight you are."


"Uh... huh... too big... it hurts... ."


He thought something like this would happen someday.


However, he did not know that the person he would first experience it with would be the Duke of Barden, whom he met for the first time today.


"It seems that the prince has no pride, swallowing even my s**en."


"A while ago, were you trying to be sassy by shoving your ass at me like a dog in heat?"


"Your Highness, do you find pride in sucking up c*cks of flesh and s**en without hesitation?"


The string of reason that he was barely holding on to suddenly broke.


"It is my pride to survive like this."


The past life, in which I had to do everything in order to live, was not at all shameful.


"Is there anything you want to do by using such an ugly way to survive?"


The one who tries to somehow survive, and the one who insults him.


What is the end of this dangerous relationship?

Every time he heard such words, he had to stop the rage that burst out inside him. He was just an easy-to-play with commodity doll. Even if that means accepting that man's pen*s.


What I Think


This story fits the classic "childhood love" and "reunion" tropes. It's not something I'd broadly recommend, but for fans of the genre, it delivers quality storytelling. The initial interaction between the main character (MC) and the duke isn't non-consensual in the traditional sense, as the MC consciously decides to sacrifice his body. The story includes incest, which I've noticed has stirred some controversy, but within the narrative, it's not romanticized and actually plays a significant role in the plot. The duke, while harsh, isn't outright cruel and has his reasons for his demeanor.


Moreover, the MC isn't just a passive character. His acceptance of his situation stems from his lack of options within the palace's power dynamics. Being an illegitimate prince without any familial support or influence, his choices are severely limited. His actions are more about survival than submission.


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