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Monochrome Rumor

Title: Monochrome Rumor




Rumors circulated that he only cared about money, had blighted affairs with his adulterous sponsors, and abandoned his fellow group members he had known for two-years after renegotiating a contract with a major entertainment agency.


He had taken possession of the body of a hopeless idol whose common moniker was "Beautiful Scum".


He thought he got blatantly ripped-off by signing that contract.


Everything aforementioned had been far from his actual self. He was a sob-story right out of a melodrama; not even close to being 'scum'.


This was the tale of how he, enraged by the body of the previous possessor's shitty life, personally took revenge for him.


So far, everything had gone accordingly. However, in the process, he gradually tamed the people around him.


He posed/masqueraded/feigned his pessimism as optimism.


Sometimes he appeared stoic, and other times cordial,


What I Think


I'm really drawn into the manhwa; the artwork is stunning, and although the storyline is a bit complex and hard to follow at first, it's incredibly captivating. I'm eagerly awaiting more chapters because the little that's been revealed so far has me totally hooked and curious for more.

Whilst simultaneously acting innocent. He was the sole person unaware of the harem that, little by little, began to encompass him. With the novel, the plot thickens with each chapter, and I'm especially keen to learn more about the main character's peculiar behavior and his intense focus on earning money. The characters are well-developed, each with distinct personalities that make them far from dull or one-dimensional. The MC stands out to me. He breaks away from the stereotypical cold and aloof protagonist. He's composed and sure of himself, yet his interactions with others are filled with a heartwarming sincerity, and his sense of humor adds a nice layer of depth to his character. His money-making obsession is a trait I find both relatable and intriguing.



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