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Title: Payback




Lee Yoohan who lived a tiring life of a debt collector, decides to become a celebrity to get revenge on a former lover. He meets a man named Yoon Jay who tells him that he'll help him. Little did he know that Jay is a shareholder and well-known figure at one of the top entertainment agencies, and they share a strange past with each other.


What I Think


This novel comes with a content warning for rape, suicide, and victim blaming, which are significant themes in the story. The rape does not involve the main couple, but it's still a pivotal part of the narrative.


The relationship dynamics in the novel are complex and not exactly healthy, with the male lead being quite domineering. However, the MC is incredibly endearing and his character development throughout the story is compelling. Despite his naivety and frustrating inability to piece things together without explicit explanations, his journey is engaging. Watching him navigate his way through plans of revenge without a clear strategy was entertaining, and the resolution of his revenge felt rewarding, though I would've preferred a more developed ending.


Despite the problematic aspects of their relationship, I found myself rooting for the MC and ML as a couple. The ML's care for the MC becomes evident, and their relationship plays a crucial role in addressing the MC's mental health struggles and feelings of guilt about his past.


The side stories, however, paint a different picture, particularly altering my view of the ML and one of the side characters negatively. Unfortunately, the translation of the novel stopped due to a DMCA complaint.



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