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Bloody Moon

Title: Bloody Moon




For seven years the Ibeden Empire has been at war with five nations. One of the most troublesome, is a small kingdom of Kemened. This small nation should have been easily defeated but it is still holding out after seven long, arduous years. The reason comes down to one person, the unknown assassin. As the name suggests, nothing is known about this person who strikes without detection leaving behind nothing but a corpse with burned out eyes.


As the First Prince of Ibeden closes in on the Kemened Kingdom, his subordinate Count Custer is killed in a brothel. His burned out eyes, like bloody moons, leave no doubt as to identity of person who killed him. Yet again it was the unknown assassin.


There is a secret beneath the maze of the Kemened Kingdom, as The First Prince will soon discover it goes much deeper than assassin's or Kingdoms, it's a matter of fate, and it will change everything.


What I Think


I was initially hesitant about this story because of its synopsis, particularly the part about forced relationships. I put off reading it for a while. However, after noticing an update, I decided to dig in, and wow, I'm so glad I did! I'm absolutely loving it.


The dynamic between the seme and uke is heartwarming. The uke, after enduring so much hardship, truly deserves the kindness and love he's beginning to receive. Radan was unfamiliar with the world outside his confinement, but finds a new lease on life through his interactions with the prince, who is not only honorable but also exceptionally caring and loving toward Radan.


There's also a compelling mystery woven into the narrative, centered around Radan's abilities and a prophecy involving the prince. This adds depth to the story, it elevates it beyond just a tale of two people from rival kingdoms crossing paths. The interactions and the setting introduced in the first volume have been captivating, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things unfold in future installments.


Kudos to the translator for doing such a fantastic job with this project.


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