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Even A Tired Villain Has Circumstances

Title: Even A Tired Villain Has Circumstances




In the game, the protagonist's brother and antagonist, Baek Woojin, dies a hundred times. On the day he witnessed the hundredth death, he received a notification.


[Baek Woojin has died 100 times. A hidden event is triggered! Will you accept?] To think that a pay-to-win game would offer an event for free, one should have been suspicious. However, the foolish individual who cl**ked 'Yes' found themselves reincarnated as the villain, Baek Woojin.


Moreover, the quest received immediately after reincarnation was to reconcile with Baek Soohyuk, the brother who killed Baek Woojin. But wait, if failed, the penalty is death? In a desperate attempt to avoid this insane death flag, he hastily apologizes, only to find...


[Abnormal Condition Activated: Due to 'Qualm,' the statement has been modified and transmitted to the other party.] "If you kneel and beg, there's nothing that can't happen."


All that comes out of his mouth are venomous words, accumulating misunderstandings with Baek Soohyuk. To make matters worse, he unintentionally attracts the attention of the main villain, Kang Gwonhoo.


"Since what you're doing is quite amusing, let's do as you say."


Is this what it feels like to have a shrimp in a whale fight?


Please, both of you, stop paying attention to me. I just want to live a peaceful life!


What I Think


The book has an interesting premise, but it's hard to tell if it's set in a historical or modern setting due to inconsistent world-building. The cover suggests one thing, but the mention of cafes suggests another. The author seems to assume readers are already familiar with the hunter genre, as there's a lack of context compared to other hunter novels.


The main character comes across as bland and robotic. Even in crucial moments, like dealing with the system's quest or his step-brother, we don't get much insight despite the story being told from his point of view. Other characters are also one-dimensional, sticking to superficial traits like the 'crazy powerful S-class' introduced early on.


The pacing is inconsistent, lingering on some events for too long while glossing over others. This makes the timeline feel jumbled and confusing. There's also an uncomfortable focus on the step-brother, hinting at a possible romantic subplot that feels forced and reminiscent of 'The S-Classes That I Raised.'


Overall, the book has potential, but I'd recommend waiting for more chapters to be released to see if it develops further.



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