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The Brainwashing Of The Impending Disaster Isn't Being Undone

Title: The Brainwashing Of The Impending Disaster Isn't Being Undone




As the loyal hunting dog of the king, Oscar of the Serpentine ducal family is well-versed in dark sorcery. The second son of the Serpentine family, he confronts a looming disaster trapped in the most secret part of the mansion.


"If you release me now... I'll spare your life at least."


Zachary Thaddeus.


The moment Oscar met his blue eyes, he realized he had been reincarnated into a bleak fantasy novel.


Zachary, a prince of the Holy Empire, was kidnapped by the Serpentine family and mentally broken, becoming the protagonist who later tears the Serpentine family and the kingdom to shreds.


To survive, Oscar must break the brainwashing on this impending disaster.

After desperately undoing the brainwashing on Zachary,


Oscar chooses to marry to escape from the Serpentine family himself...


only for Zachary to return and burn down their honeymoon home.


"Fu*k, you say you released me? You abandoned me."




"Was it so horrible just having me by your side? I asked you to let me stay close to you!"




What should I do? It looks like his curse isn't completely broken yet.


What I Think


I might be jumping the gun here, and there's a chance I might end up eating my words later on (especially since the main character (MC) seems a bit on the timid side), and there's the potential for the story to fall into the trap of becoming repetitive, which isn't uncommon in many online novels. However, as of now, I'm really enjoying this novel and find it hard to put down.


The story has quickly moved past the initial suspense set up in the first few chapters and the plot synopsis, but I'm still intrigued by how the MC will break the "curse" on our formidable, snow-white male lead (ML) and potentially lead him down a darker path, contrary to all the MC's "future plot predictions." It's a twist that I'm looking forward to seeing unfold.


Read The Brainwashing Of The Impending Disaster Isn't Being Undone BL Novel online free.

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