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Cherry Bomb

Title: Cherry Bomb




The youngest military doctor in the Imperial Guard. The only dominant Omega in a nouveau rich miner household.


"Lauren Ismere" was engaged in a political marriage with the third prince, who was blind to the happening in the Imperial Family and the Emperor who tried to covet Ismere household's wealth.


Contrary to the rumors of him having an ugly mutation-like appearance or him being a Beta, the third prince, "Aslan Campbell" was actually a normal Alpha.

Though he was an overly young Alpha with the scent of sweet, sweet cherry candy as his pheromones.


What I Think:


I was really looking forward to this novel, and getting to read it has made me so happy! I enjoyed it a lot. I've been excited to dive into it, and it didn't disappoint. I'm fond of Lauren and even more so of Aslan. The beginning and middle parts of the story were engaging, though I felt the ending seemed a bit rushed. But overall, it's a solid read.


The aspect of their separation was something I saw coming. Given that Lauren took care of Aslan from a young age, it made sense that it would be hard for her to view him romantically if she continued to see him grow up. The separation was a necessary plot device to create a moment of realization that Aslan wasn't just a 'little brother' figure anymore but a potential 'husband.' However, there seemed to be a gap in the story development for me. It jumped from Aslan being hesitant about his feelings to suddenly accepting them, which felt like I might have missed something.


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