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This Alpha Is Determined Despite Physical Disability

Title: This Alpha Is Determined Despite Physical Disability




Omega Lu Zhao, known as the "Eagle of the Emperor" in military circles, married Bai Li, a retired Alpha who lost a leg.


Overnight, the Imperial Forum erupted in controversy. Countless omega cried for their idol marrying the wasteful son, and numerous Alphas gnashed their teeth in jealousy over Bai Li marrying a formidable military figure.


This marriage was no longer a bouquet of flowers in a cow dung fields, but flowers stuck on concrete – lacking not only aesthetics but also the nourishment provided by cow dung. On the wedding day, Bai Li received the title of "Empire's Concrete."


Fortunately, Bai Li must be the most handsome piece of concrete.


Many years later, Bai Li attended Lu Zhao's celebration party as a family member.

Reporter: "Mr. Bai, what do you think of others saying that you're living off your partner?"


Bai Li: "Living off someone is really delicious."


Reporter: "Mr. Bai, how do you respond to criticism that you allow your Omega partner to work outside and even participate in mecha battles?"


Bai Li: "Living off someone is really delicious."


Reporter: "... Mr. Bai, do you have any dignity as an Alpha?"


Bai Li: "You people, you're just upset because you can't enjoy living off someone like me."


Reporter: "Mr. Lu, what do you think of others saying that you are too strong and not docile?"


Lu Zhao: "I can fight, can't help it."


Reporter: "Mr. Lu, how do you respond to recent accusations from the outside world about you being too prominent?"


Lu Zhao: "i can fight, can't help it."


Reporter: "You can do this too?"


Lu Zhao: "Well, he didn't want to eat, but I insisted he eat."


The carefree and smooth-talking alpha (Bai Li) x the capable and composed omega (Lu Zhao) who can fight and be assertive


Married before falling in love. Warm daily life.


What I Think:


This story stands out in the ABO interstellar genre mainly because of its characters, who are exceptionally well-crafted. Bai Li, the main character, is portrayed with a depth that makes him feel very real. His journey from fear and weakness to hope, pain, anger, strength, and ultimately victory is compelling. He's a character who experiences a wide range of emotions, from laughter to tears.


The male lead (ML) might seem like the typical strong, silent type at first glance, but his interactions with Bai Li show a different side. I really appreciate the moments when he goes out of his way to demonstrate his care for Bai Li, making their relationship dynamic engaging.


The supporting characters, including Bai Ying, Si Tu, Si Tu's omega brother, the Zou omega, and others, are also given plenty of depth.


One of the aspects I enjoyed most is Bai Li's effort to challenge and change the societal norms. Unlike other stories where the societal structure remains unchanged, Bai Li,  with the supporting characters, works to make a difference.

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