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Dear Benjamin

Title: Dear Benjamin




"You, you are mine since you signed the contract."


Isaac lived his entire life as a Beta before he became a recessive Omega at the peak of his adolescence. Four years ago, he had only one relationship with a dominant Alpha, the only experience he had as an omega. Then, while Isaac was hiding his Omega identity while running a small flower shop as a Beta, the arrogant but dazzlingly beautiful dominant Alpha Felix came in...


An unfair contract is signed between Felix, a world-renowned arms dealer and a dangerous man connected to the mafia, and Isaac, an omega dreaming to live as a normal Beta as he runs from his past.


What I Think


I've been following the manhwa through scanlations for a few months and it's definitely worth checking out. The story is much further along there, and the artwork is stunning. But beyond the visuals, it's simply a captivating story. I'm eager to find out more about it! The translation quality is impressive, making the characters' motivations clearer than in the manhwa. If the translator could keep going, I'd really appreciate more novel translations!


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