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Alpha Predator

Title: Alpha Predator




The true top predator, plundering the best survival resources and hunting the top prey.


What I Think


With this novel, it's either you hate it or you love it; there's no in-between.


SQC's first foray into the ABO genre turned out quite well, in my opinion. The plot was engaging, enough to capture my attention especially with Shen Dai's struggles against Qu Moyu's harsh behavior, even surpassing Song Juhan at one point. I found myself awaiting each new chapter, although the pace did slow down toward the end, making the flow less smooth. It was a good decision for SQC to take a brief hiatus to refine the storyline.


I appreciated how Moyu's mother played a crucial role in mending the relationship, despite her own past trauma with the Qu family. Once Qu Moyu began to realign his priorities, his transformation into a more loving and devoted character was both endearing and entertaining. The smut scenes, typical of ABO stories, were enjoyable and well-integrated, especially the final one.


However, I felt the absence of Shen Dai's colleagues in the later parts of the story; Bai Xiangwan, in particular, seemed underutilized. I also missed the potential cameos from other characters in the 188 series – it would have been great to see SQ, Jian Suiying, and Li Shuo, especially if Li Shuo had been involved in Qu Moyu's lawsuit. While Yu Fengcheng made an appearance, I was hoping to see Xinyu as well.


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