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Title: Bye-Bye



"I was in a one-sided love."


On a rainy night, Seo-yu was standing on the Mapo Bridge to die.


Unlicensed high school student Sung-hyun, who was passing by, was surprised to see him and causes an accident.


Sung-hyun proposes a deal to Seo-yu, saying that his brother is going to kill him.

"You, I will give you money, so please help me tell my brother."


Seo-yu decides to receive 3 million won and lies to Sung-hyun's older brother, Sung-hoon.


But Sung-hoon, who is familiar with Sung-hyun's personality, doesn't believe it.


"How much did you get?"




"I'm asking you how much he paid you."


"Ahaha. You really don't trust people. I didn't take it."


Sung-hoon seems to believe only when Seo-yu shows his determination.


He finally received 3 million won on the day the work was completed.


He secretly contacted Sung-hyun first and told him the promised price, but the person changed and Sung-hoon appeared instead of Sung-hyun.


"It's been a while, Seo-yu-ssi."


Why is his older brother here?


Will Seo-yu be able to overcome this crisis well?


What I Think


This story tugs at the heartstrings, venturing deeply into the sensitive theme of depression, the battle between succumbing and surviving, and the impact of human connection. The main character (MC) is depicted with a sense of vulnerability. He grapples with severe self-esteem issues and a belief in his own worthlessness. His loneliness and misguided attempts at finding love highlight the dangers of his innate kindness, almost leading to his death. However, the narrative takes a hopeful turn with the introduction of the male lead (ML), who embodies a near-perfect (albeit fictional) partner, offering love and protection to the MC.

Although the ML is depicted as emotionally lacking in some ways, and the author chooses not to look comprehensively into his background. This favours the MC's story and gives more attention to the ML's brother through extra chapters.The story is about the healing power of love. It's a compelling read that not only entertains but also offers insight into the complexities of emotional recovery and the beauty of finding someone who truly understands and supports you. So prepare to cry a bucket haha.


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