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The Foul

Title: The Foul




One day, Kwon Taeha approached the casino VIP dealer Joo Hawon, who had four billion won in debt. On the condition of paying off his debts, Kwon Taeha offered Joo Hawon to work under him.


The deposit would be two million won at first, and the other two million would be paid if the work was done perfectly, but Joo Hawon didn't exactly know what this man's purpose was. Hiding their objectives, they held each other's hands, but their emotions were dragged into it and got entangled...


What I Think:


This story is incredible! The suspense around what will happen to the main character is gripping. The dynamic between him and the other lead adds fantastic tension, and the casino/gambling theme is both unique and fascinating – I'm getting strong power bottom vibes from the main character. The side characters are also well-developed, making them just as intriguing as the leads.


Every chapter in the manhwa ends with such a cliffhanger that I've been searching for a translated version of the novel, or even just spoilers in forums, but to no avail! I think this story has the potential to become as well-known and loved as titles like Dangerous Convenience Store, Under the Green Light, and Painter of the Night.

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