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Title: Blinded




As an undercover agent, Xie Li is sent to Fish Island Prison with the mission to get intel on Chang Guanshan, the leader of the biggest illegal organization in the coastal city, Hong Fang(Harbor city), through his son, Chang Xiaojia. It is rumored that Chang Xiaojia was imprisoned for an alleged involvement in the r*pe/mu*der of a female police officer. He has a strange and stubborn personality and is not as easy to approach as Xie Li initially imagined. However, at this moment, Chang Xiaojia starts showing an unusual interest in Xie Li's body.


The main couple is Xie Li x Chang Xiaojia, with a plot that may potentially involve drama and intense scenes. There might be some plot twists and misunderstandings, with the background setting being fictional.


The inspiration for this story comes from "Line Walker 4," borrowing some character concepts but not entirely derived from it. The characters' personalities are different. Please refrain from associating real actors with the characters since the author does not have specific visual images while writing; they are simply drawn to the background setup.


The story is expected to be relatively short and it will have a happy ending.


What Do I Think


This novel offers a breath of fresh air. Xiaojia's severe trauma and resulting childlike behavior, coupled with episodes of violence, make him a far cry from the flawless protagonists typically found in novels. His character resonated with me, especially the portrayal of the insecurity and pain associated with falling for a straight man. This authenticity led me to ponder whether the author might be male, as many female danmei authors tend to focus more on omegaverse and mpreg themes, which might not capture the true angst experienced between gay men.


The story touched me deeply, bringing me to tears at times, yet its happy ending allowed me to experience their love story vicariously. However, I do wish the novel was longer. It started with the promise of a substantial narrative but felt rushed as it neared the conclusion. The side characters were intriguing and deserved more exploration, and the main characters could have benefited from a more prolonged, intricate dynamic, similar to what's seen in "Beloved Enemy."


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