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Drink, Drank, Drunk!

Title: Drink, Drank, Drunk!



Jiang Mo (姜默) x Shen Zhaowen (沈朝文)


Film director who likes to drink x lawyer who hates alcohol. Slice-of-life novel featuring lots of bickering and arguments.


Tip: Drinking alcohol is bad for your health. The author does not condone any imitation of alcohol drinking as depicted in the book. Treasure your life and stay away from alcohol.

What I Think

This novel stands out in the sea of danmei for its unique take on realistic love, full of life's complexities, disputes, and tenderness. It's hard to pin down; parts of it may seem monotonous, yet on closer inspection, each detail adds depth to the characters and their stories.


Having just finished reading, I'm filled with emotions and sheer admiration. While it may not be the pinnacle of literary excellence, there's an undeniable charm that draws you in and keeps you engaged. The story isn't overly sentimental or fluffy, yet it contains poignant moments showcasing the beauty of the characters' love, expressed more through actions than words. It's not a tragedy, yet it carries a sense of quiet anguish – so subtle that it might not immediately impact the reader, but it left me feeling unexpectedly overwhelmed due to the protagonist's unspoken emotions.


Initially, I sensed a disparity in the characters' feelings, but as the story progressed, I realized this perception shifted, or perhaps I just became more attuned to the subtle indications that, in reality, there was no disparity at all.


The author prompts reflection on life, dreams, time, and an individual's resolve to stand by their choices, weaving a narrative that's both incredibly realistic and subtly romantic. This novel, though it may not leave everyone with a profound impact, is undeniably worth the read and is a beautiful exploration of nuanced love.

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