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My House Has Become a Filming Set!

Title: My House Has Become a Filming Set!





When I returned home, my house had become a filming set.


The popular actor 'Kang Do-jun's' reality show project, 'Country Occupation,' where he spends ten days in the countryside. Somehow, the house he is staying in for ten days turned out to be mine.


In an unexpected situation, dirty clothes I hadn't had a chance to wash were scattered everywhere, and dishes and bottles from the food and drinks from yesterday were rolling around. In short, it was like a pigsty.


Actor Kang Do-jun asked with a trembling look in his eyes.


"...Do you live like this?"
"......Well, yeah."




[Did you watch Kang Do-jun's 'Country Occupation' show?] He looks like he would only drink Evian*, but he's a real housekeeper. I heard he's originally from the countryside? He cooks meals, does the dishes, runs the washing machine to do the laundry, and even hand washes stuff lmfaoo he quietly cleans up after Lee Yeonwoo, which is a broadcast point. Kang Do-jun, please come and visit my house too.


-22 Me too, my house. Countryman Do-jun.
└Countryman Do-jun kekw but Lee Yeonwoo is hilarious. It's insane that he's a beekeeper at the age of 25, did you see him in his first appearance with a dragonfly net in one hand and a beer in the other? Literally my laughter point lmfaooo
└└Agreed. Did you see his eyes when he said his house became a filming set? It was scary, I thought he would hit the PD with the dragonfly net.
└└└He said they were filming so I went to see, and it was my house. Just this expression lmfaooooo
└└└└Meanwhile, Lee Yeonwoo really likes Kang Do-jun. This is real. Be happy you two.
└└└└└No, Kang Do-jun does housework.


(Note: *Evian is a high-end brand of mineral water)



What I Think



This novel is truly a treasure. It weaves together humor and warmth in a way that's completely engaging. The connection between Yeonwoo and Do-jun is incredibly real and heartwarming. It makes you cheer for them from the get-go. For anyone searching for a unique, uplifting read that grips you from the start, look no further – this is the book you need to pick up!


The commitment of the translator adds to the excitement, with regular updates that keep the story moving smoothly. The quality of the translation is excellent. It captures the original's humor and charm perfectly.


Get ready for a ride filled with laughter, sweetness, and perhaps a sprinkle of nostalgia. This novel is an irresistible joy that's hard to put down once you begin. Dive into the warmth and don't miss out on this memorable journey through its pages!

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