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Stalk Game

Title: Stalk Game





※ Please note that this book contains elements of in*est.


Irene, the eldest son of the Earl of Dunst who was called an oddball, a disgrace, and a failure. Due to his frail body, he was pushed away from the successor position and found himself isolated. The only one who unhesitatingly approached him was his half-brother, Cyril Dunst.


"Why is it that you are the only one by my side....... Why is it only you who......"


"Brother....... But I will always be with you."


Cyril sincerely followed and cherished his fragile brother, Irene. And that emotion began to change gradually.


"What if I desire the position of the Earl of Dunst?"


"If you want it...... I can give it to you."


"Don't speak nonsense."


"I'm serious. I don't care what happens to that position if I can get what I want."


How could he not love Irene just because they were brothers who shared half of the blood? If he could boldly kiss his brother, he could give him anything. If only he could have Irene.



What I Think



The narrative is intriguing, featuring an unexpected plot twist. It centers on a romance between two half-brothers: the elder, who is frail and easily annoyed (uke), and the younger, marked by an obsessive yet devoted nature (seme). Although the romance navigates the complex waters of taboo, specifically the aspect of incest, it evolves in a manner that, surprisingly, ends up being rather endearing. Importantly, the story steers clear of non-consensual elements, focusing solely on the controversial theme of incest.

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