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Guardian of The Sun

Title: Guardian of The Sun





This a a story of kingdoms and empires, dangerous beauty, the kindness of strangers, and the trappings of fate.


When the Kingdom of Kajang is usurped by an unknown conqueror, Third Prince Jung must flee the kingdom or lose his life. Having lost all his family in the purge to end the royal line, this 12-year-old boy must now learn to live alone, in the unknown world beyond the palace walls.


Prince Jung, now called Aran, must find a new life and allies in order to survive. His unrivaled beauty is his curse and one of his greatest blessings.



What I Think



I really enjoy this novel, but I feel there are sections that could have used further clarification, particularly the dynamics between Taejokrune and Won. Their story, while controversial, could have added an intriguing element, and part of me wished to see their relationship develop, though I understand the complexities. Despite this, the storyline remains compelling to me.


Another aspect I wished for was more insight into the male lead's (ML) perspective. While his emotions are inferred through others, his personal viewpoint and the evolution of his feelings for the main character (MC) remain ambiguous. This omission left me a bit disappointed, as understanding his side would have enriched the narrative.


Despite these areas for improvement, I still find the story engaging. Also, discovering that this novel and 'Dear Benjamin' are by the same author was a pleasant surprise – I'm a fan of both works.

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