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The Kiss From Hell


Title: The Kiss From Hell





Even in hell, we will be together until the end.


After losing his mother, John followed his father, whom he had just met, and moved to England. There, he met an angel who shook his life. It was his half-brother Valentine, who he didn't even know existed.


"Promise me, John, that we will always be the most important thing to each other."


Valentine had cleverly trapped John, dominating his world, taming him every night with his arms.


As time passes, the relationship between the two becomes much closer, and Valentine's obsession with John reaches unsuspected extremes.


A day before graduating from high school, an incident occurs that instantly changes the relationship between the two.


What I Think


The initial chapters of the story captured my attention with their well-crafted setup. The narrative introduces the characters' early connection from their childhood. The transition to their young adulthood and the pivotal incident was engaging.


However, I became bored as the story progressed. While I typically appreciate novels with a good dose of angst and a 'wife chasing' theme, the over-gloominess and depression of the character made the reading experience less enjoyable than anticipated. The pursuit of reconciliation seemed to stretch on with little to no advancement in their relationship, which I found frustrating.


Still, some people find it enjoyable, perhaps it's not just my cup of tea.



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