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It's Not Easy Being a Master

Title: It's Not Easy Being a Master





Shen Zhixian transmigrated into a book as a cannon fodder master who hatefully severed his disciple's spirit root. This disciple fell into the devil's path and returned to make mincemeat out of him.


Shen Zhixian just happened to transmigrate into the last moment of the master's captivity, and then he was reborn again.


After rebirth, he devoted himself to fostering and supporting his disciple, only to discover later that his disciple was also reborn.


Even worse, the disciple still retained the memory of his life before rebirth.


Shen Zhixian: ...Disturbed.


Afterward, he realized one truth: Being a master is a high-risk occupation. Not trivial at all!



What I Think



Initially, I was hesitant to continue this book due to a slow start and lack of interaction between the main character (MC) and male lead (ML) beyond the MC's attempts to manage his hedgehog-like disciple. But I was pleasantly surprised as the story unfolded.


While the book has its flaws and inconsistencies, it's undeniably compelling. There are three key reasons why I adore it:


Firstly, the characters: Both the ML and MC stand out with their unique personalities. They're independent and don't rely on each other to be interesting or complete, which is refreshing compared to other stories. This autonomy doesn't dull their romance; instead, it makes their unity even more impactful.


Secondly, the relationship development: It's gradual and believable. The MC, being the ML's master, is cautious not to exploit his position, which I found commendable. Their relationship evolves realistically, marked by genuine conversations and mutual respect, rather than immediate infatuation. One standout moment was the MC's calm and open-minded reaction to the ML's confession, reflecting a mature approach to discovering his feelings.


Thirdly, the mystery: While not revolutionary, it's crafted in a way that keeps you engaged, proving that even familiar plots can be enthralling when executed well.


I understand some may hesitate, fearing a rehash of SVSSS themes, but aside from the transmigration aspect and the master-disciple dynamic, this story stands on its own. Between this and SVSSS, the relationship development in this novel, for me, feels more nuanced and satisfying.


In conclusion, the story may not be without its flaws, but it's thoroughly enjoyable. It serves as a delightful escape that leaves you feeling warm and content. Sometimes, that's all you need from a story.

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