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Sickly Tyrannical



Title: Sickly Tyrannical


A morbid second Young Master of the mafia meets an amateur psychologist. Swept along in darkness, tyrannical abuse and depredation, he destroyed his life.

Because in his eyes —— Love = Violence!

In the end, none of us could save anybody...

What I Think

This story journeys into extremely graphic content with significant violence, so it's not for everyone. It explores the concept of "love" among mentally ill individuals. All the characters are deeply tragic, yet there's something compelling about their stories that keeps you hooked. It's reminiscent of the Korean manhwa "Killing Stalking" – there's no light at the end of the tunnel, everything feels wrong, but the morbid fascination pulls you in.

Be warned that the portrayal of mental illness is not always sensitive or accurate, so it's crucial to approach this story with a critical mindset. If you decide to read, take the representations with a grain of salt. Proceed with caution and try to enjoy the narrative for what it is.

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