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No Moral

Title: No Moral




Yoonshin is a lawyer who defends the weak and powerless for the public good. Sehun uses underhanded methods to gain the upper hand and come out a winner.

They end up working as partners. But they don't fit. They're like fire and water. Yoonshin doesn't agree with Sehun's ways, and Sehun seems to doubt Yoonshin's competence to get the job done.


But perhaps working together is just what they need to learn more about themselves and overcome each other's differences. And when they do, Sehun finds himself opening up to Yoonshin.


What I Think


'No Moral' is more than just a good novel- it's amazing.I've been hooked since it first started on another platform. It's hard to capture everything great about it in a review, but I'll give it a shot.


The story is a mix of romance and legal drama. It's obvious the author did a lot of homework to get the legal parts right. It starts with Yoonshin landing a job at South Korea's top law firm, Doguk, thanks to his sister. He works under Kang Sehun, a top lawyer who's tough and gets a lot of respect. They don't get along at first. Sehun doubts Yoonshin's skills, and Yoonshin isn't a fan of Sehun's sneaky ways in court.

What makes 'No Moral' special is how the characters change, especially Sehun. At first, you might think Sehun is just a tough guy who doesn't care about anyone. But you learn there's more to him. He starts off cold but ends up being super devoted to the person he loves.


Their relationship doesn't change overnight. The story takes time to show how Sehun comes to understand and accept his feelings for Yoonshin. Yoonshin is not your typical quiet main character. He's bold and speaks his mind, which is why he and Sehun end up together.


Now that I'm halfway through Volume 2, I can say watching them as a couple is really sweet. You get to see more about Sehun's past and how caring Yoonshin is. It makes you really like both of them, especially Sehun, who could become a favorite character for many.


Besides the romance, the novel has a big legal conflict going on, which keeps things interesting.



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