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Breaking Through the Clouds



Title: Breaking Through the Clouds


Foreboding clouds raced across the skies above the city.

Three years ago, as a consequence of Commander-in-Chief Jiang Ting's error in judgement during an anti-drug operation in Gongzhou, a chain of explosions occurred at the scene and caused the Narcotics Division to suffer heavy casualties. Now three years later, Jiang Ting, whose flesh and bones should've faded from existence after dying at the line of duty, actually miraculously woke up from a vegetative state.

His heroic soul could not rest – he must return to the mortal world from the depths of hell and exert all that he has in order to bring the bloody and inconceivable truth to light.

What I Think

THIS IS A FANTASTIC NOVEL. A DEFINITE MUST-READ... Oops, got a bit carried away there.

The cases in this novel are incredibly well-crafted, engaging, and all interlinked – a narrative style that deserves more recognition. The plot twists are brilliantly executed; they nearly had me fooled, but as a seasoned mystery aficionado, it takes a lot to trick me.

What really stands out is the pacing – it's just right, striking a perfect balance between fast and slow, compelling readers to keep turning pages without wanting to stop. The humor sprinkled throughout the novel does a great job of lightening up the more intense and darker moments. But be warned, this story will tug at your heartstrings, especially when it comes to Captain Jiang... sobs

I'm truly thankful to the author for creating a character as vibrant as Yan Xie, the perfect counterpart to the seemingly cold Captain Jiang Ting. They might not start off perfectly matched, but through life-and-death situations, they grow to understand and intuitively know each other's thoughts and intentions. Contrary to initial impressions, the shou, despite waking from a long coma, is far from weak. He's clever and dangerously daring. And the gong? Far from being just brawn; he's intelligent and robust, a necessary combination to understand Jiang's complex mind. Together, they're the epitome of a power couple.

And let's not overlook the smut – it gets my stamp of approval.

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