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Assistant Architect



Title: Assistant Architect


Zhang Siyi comes back from his overseas studies in architecture and is looking for work. His girlfriend, however, is full of complaints, for Zhang Siyi never has time for her. She breaks up with him in a fit of rage while throwing coffee over him.

Zhang Siyi manages to dodge the coffee, but unfortunately, it hits the guy behind him instead. Just when he is about to do something about it, the guy dismisses him and leaves.

Zhang Siyi thought that would be the end of it, but who would've thought that the very next day, he will meet the man again... in a job interview. And being hired by him will be just the beginning.

What I Think

This novel is a sweet and engaging slice of life yaoi/shounen-ai story. The pacing is just right. It captures each stage of falling in love meticulously, which sets it apart from other stories where characters rush into romance.

However, there are a couple of issues. First, the chapters around the 150s to 170s can feel a bit dull and stagnant (which is where I've paused for now). Additionally, the narrative tends to portray the male lead (ML) as almost infallibly right, which can be frustrating. The conflicts between the ML and the main character (MC) often seem unfairly blamed on the MC, despite issues like communication failures being mutual. For instance, when both parties fail to initiate conversation, the MC is typically the one held responsible and ends up apologizing, even when he's facing a series of personal crises exacerbated by the ML's actions or lack of communication.

This storytelling choice made me quite disappointed, as it feels unjust to the MC, who is dealing with significant challenges yet still expected to shoulder the blame for relational dynamics that are clearly a two-way street. Sorry for the rant, but this aspect really soured my experience with the subsequent chapters.

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