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Wan Wu Sang Zhi

Title: Wan Wu Sang Zhi





The story of a two-faced mafia boss and his beautiful young bogus adopted son.



What I Think



Ka Bi Qiu's stories might seem risqué from their synopses, but they're actually quite heartfelt. Despite the synopsis hinting at a father-son dynamic between the MC and ML, the reality is they're just two lonely individuals seeking love and companionship. The ML's decision to adopt the MC is impulsive, aimed more at rescue than parenting. Describing the ML as a father figure doesn't quite fit; he's young, almost teenager-like, and his relationship with the MC goes beyond conventional labels.


The narrative primarily explores the evolving bond between the MC and ML. There are a few rough patches, but overall, the story lacks major angst, making for a pleasant read. Its brevity ensures that the plot remains concise and to the point.


What's impressive is how well-developed the characters are despite the short length of the story. The MC, though young, carries a mature demeanor shaped by his past experiences, yet he also displays typical teenage rebellion. On the other hand, the ML, while older, has his own immaturities and is not quite prepared to act as a parent to a teenager. Their flaws make them more relatable and endearing.


I appreciated that both characters are shown as flawed and capable of making mistakes, yet they learn and grow together. Their imperfections make the story more genuine. It leads to a satisfying conclusion where both find happiness and understanding in each other.

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