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The Emperor's Daily Nitpicking

Title: The Emperor's Daily Nitpicking





Many years ago, a young man named Kevin was entrusted with the task of looking after the young master (turned out to be the heir to the throne) during spring break. Kevin had barely entered the reserve army, and he was not looking forward to spending his vacation babysitting a spoiled child.


However, Kevin soon found that he had underestimated the boy. The young master (aka the prince) was arrogant and demanding.


Kevin retaliated and made the young master's life a living hell. Kevin was constantly inquired of the boy's beck and call, and he was often subjected to the Kevin's antics.


Many years later, Kevin, the Commander of the Bronze Army who 'just came back to life,' returned to the royal city, and the person in charge of power had already changed.


His close friend gloated: "Silly; I heard that you had beaten His Majesty several times when he was still seven-or-eight years old."


Kevin unconcernedly said: "The old account had passed so many years ago. He must have forgotten already."


Oswald: "The person you all thought highly of was a shadow-like childhood existence to me."


Kevin choked on a mouthful of red wine in his throat.


Oswald propped up his chin, absent-mindedly said: "But now, the power I held was already above his. How should I retaliate then...?"


Kevin: "..."



What I Think



Some people love this series, so I thought I should include it in this collection.


The main struggle with this book is trying to finish it. It starts slow but gets a bit better later. However, the love story doesn't develop, and the hints about what will happen next are too easy to guess. Also, there's a lot of unnecessary talking.


To be honest, I lost interest like I was just blowing in the wind. The idea of the story seemed good, but the way it was written made it boring.


The characters felt flat. There was no growth or change in the main characters or the side characters. The side characters only showed up now and then and were meant to be funny, but it didn't really work.




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