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Stigma (Yi Cong Yin)

Title: Stigma (Yi Cong Yin)





Sui Yan spent his entire life, working hard for many years, to vindicate his master.


Unexpectedly, in the end, his master gave him a glass of poisoned wine and he died tragically in a deserted courtyard.


After he died, Sui Yan found that he had returned to his youth. Revenge and abuse...


Huh? What? No revenge or abuse?


Sui Yan: I think it's good to laze around and enjoy life



What I Think



Overall, this is a good story.


My main issue is that the main character (MC) is sick a lot at the start, which gets a bit boring. But the author keeps it interesting with some twists and other characters' views. This problem doesn't last long, though.


A heads up: the story includes an attempted assault from the MC's past, which comes up again in his new life. If that's tough for you to read, you might want to skip this. The bad guy isn't the main love interest, don't worry.


The best part for me is the male lead (ML). He's not like the usual powerful characters. He's naive and gets tricked a lot, which is a nice change. The MC likes him because he's so different from the power-hungry people in his past life. It's refreshing.


Another thing I like is that the MC ends up being the hero a lot, saving the ML from danger. Usually, it's the other way around. But here, the MC is the one doing the rescuing, which is cool.


The MC might seem like your typical BL character who likes being cute and pampered, but he's also brave and ready to protect the ML because he's kind.


I'd really recommend giving this story a read.




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