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You Boys Play Games Very Well

Title: You Boys Play Games Very Well





When he defeats them, he leaves hospice care: A father's love is like a mountain! Are your shoulders heavy?


When he is defeated, he leaves backhanded compliments: You boys play games very well~


Ling Meng is a high-ranked casual gamer playing "The Legend of the Galaxy". Infamous for his poison tongue, he's known in the forums as Lemon Dad and he carefully cultivates a following of black powder fans over time. The trajectory of his fate completely changes the day he plays a match against the popular god-tier live stream anchor, Mangosteen. A meme created out of his dying words makes him a countrywide laughingstock and he begins to stalk Mangosteen to determine his rival's beat him in a match for revenge!


They fight with each other, stream with each other, and even exchange a naked photo with each other.


This is the love story of a lemon and mangosteen.



What I Think



This story is filled with so much warmth and coziness; it was exactly what I needed after diving into more intense reads like "The Antelope and The Night Wolf." The main character (MC) is incredibly endearing - so adorable that I just want to support him endlessly. And the male lead (ML) is simply dreamy, the epitome of the perfect partner. Their romance is relaxed and sweet, free from the typical drama, overly possessive characters, or traumatic backstories. It's refreshingly light-hearted and perfect for lifting spirits.


The plot revolves around their lives as streamers, reminiscent of Twitch personalities. The MC's broadcasts are exactly the type I enjoy watching: fun and unpredictable. The interactions with their audience add an enjoyable, lively touch to the narrative.


The fans are a highlight for me; they're hilarious and add so much charm to the story.


Though sometimes the text gets a bit muddled, likely due to the specialized internet and gaming jargon, I don't hold this against the translator. They're doing an admirable job under challenging circumstances, delivering swift and competent translations. The grammar holds up well, and even when things get a bit tricky, the context and footnotes help clarify. I definitely recommend giving this a read!




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