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Young Alpha

Title: Young Alpha




Appearance, wealth, the trait of the dominant Alpha, and even a beautiful wife who could stand as a trophy.


There was no flaw in the life of 'Woo Seung-joon', which was perfectly crafted like a diamond.


Until the world's most beloved wife, 'On Ji-an', asked for a divorce.


"I also want to meet Alpha who is eight years younger than me."


Should you make 'Woo Seung-joon's' marriage a failure just for that reason?


In a desperate moment when he has to change the heart of his wife who has been asking for a divorce, Seung-joon... He returned to his 20-year-old body!


It's top secret that the only successor of the TK group has turned into a slimy 20-year-old youngster overnight.


Seung-joon thoroughly disguised his identity as 'Seon Woo-young' and wandered around his wife 'On Ji-an', who was preparing to return to the entertainment industry under the stigma of..."The nation's first love who disappeared after married his sponsor."


"Ji-an-ah, I'll become the man you will love again."


Seung-joon (aka Seon Woo-young, a trainee at SJ Entertainment) has become 8 years younger than his wife.


Would he be able to make On Ji-an, his wife, who has despised him for the past two years of their marriage, fall in love with him again?


What I Think:


This book was okay, not too exciting but not super dull either. It's more of a chill read. The story's about this guy who gets younger and decides to act like a newbie, hanging out with another guy who's getting back into acting. There isn't much happening; it's mostly about them in the past and now, without much drama. The writing felt a bit too simple for me.


The main characters are kind of plain. They're not bad, just nothing about them really stands out or makes you get attached. I didn't find myself liking them too much.


Nothing gripping enough happened to keep me interested, even though it's not a long book. I just couldn't find the drive to keep going.



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