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Real Life by Brandon Taylor



Synopsis of Real Life by Brandon Taylor

A young guy named Wallace, a black queer kid from Alabama, trying to fit into a mostly white university town in the Midwest. He's keeping to himself, trying to finish his degree and not stir up any trouble. He's got his close friends, but even then, he keeps his distance.

But over one long, hot weekend, things start to unravel. There are clashes with colleagues, and a surprise encounter with a seemingly straight, white classmate. All of this starts to crack Wallace's carefully built shell, revealing the anger and desires that have been simmering beneath the surface of their friend group.

Real Life isn't your average book. It's raw and honest, sometimes painful. It makes you think about whether it's even possible to heal from our past traumas, and if so, what kind of price we have to pay.

A Brief Review of Real Life by Brandon Taylor

Real Life by Brandon Taylor hit me hard. After turning the last page, I was in a daze – that's how good it was.

The book introduces us to Wallace, a black gay guy from Alabama who moves to the Midwest for college. He's running away from a difficult past and trying to build a new life for himself. Wallace is quiet and keeps to himself, but he tries to step outside his comfort zone by hanging out with a group of friends, mostly white.

I have to say, Brandon Taylor's writing is incredible. For a debut novel, he absolutely nailed it. He created this character, Wallace, who felt so real, so vulnerable, and so honest. I believed every word of Wallace's story, even though it's fiction. Taylor's writing on loneliness, racism, finding your place, and just trying to fit in – it was all so spot-on. There were moments when I felt so angry at the way Wallace was treated, so much so that I felt like I knew him personally.

This book is a masterpiece, and it deserves all the praise it gets. It'll stay with you long after you finish it.

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