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Glamorama By Bret Easton Ellis



Synopsis of Glamorama By Bret Easton Ellis

Ever wondered what's going on behind the scenes of the glamorous world of celebrities and models? Well, Bret Easton Ellis, the guy who wrote American Psycho, will take you into the dark side of fame.

This time, he's set his sights on the 90s Manhattan scene. Victor Ward, a model with the perfect body and an A-list social circle, seems to be everywhere. He's dating one gorgeous model while hooking up with another, and he's about to open the hottest nightclub. 

You may think that he's living the life.

But things are far from what they appear to be. Victor finds himself caught up in a twisted world of secrets, lies, and danger.

Ellis is known for his signature dark humor and sharp wit. He takes us on a ride through this glamorous yet terrifying world. He peels back the layers of superficiality and exposes the ugliness that lurks beneath the surface. 

Brief Review of Glamorama By Bret Easton Ellis

Back then I was thinking- "What in the actual hell did I just read?!" Glamorama is more than just a satire of the fashion world and celebrity culture. It tackles some pretty dark stuff like terrorism and the whole surveillance thing.

The first part of the book paints this bleak picture of the 90s high life. Victor Ward is a model who's pretty much the epitome of 90s shallowness. All about appearances and who he's seen with- it's a world where celebrity status is everything. And that's where things start to get creepy. The book shows how journalism can be used to manipulate both celebrities and the public.

The middle part gets even more interesting when Victor realizes he's stumbled into something way bigger than he can handle. But it's all still kinda masked by his obsession with fame and the whole celebrity scene.

But then the last 100 pages completely blew my mind. Just like "American Psycho," Ellis leaves you questioning whether any of this actually happened. But honestly, it's even more messed up than "Psycho." The references to cameras and directors make you wonder if Victor's life is just some twisted movie. I couldn't put the book down, and now I'm just sitting here trying to process the insanity I just read.

Seriously, if you're not digging this book, push through to the last 100 pages. They're so addictive, and Ellis is a genius. You won't regret it, even if it leaves you a little messed up in the head.

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