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Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates



Synopsis of Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates

Quentin is driven by a plan to create a zombie-like companion—someone who would be a perfect young man, entirely under his control. His plan? To rewire their brain and turn them into a mindless, obedient slave.

Each attempt Quentin makes to achieve his goal is more gruesome than the last. He kidnaps, tortures, and performs makeshift brain surgeries on his victims, but nothing goes as planned. The young men he abducts don’t survive his brutal experiments. With each failure, Quentin’s thirst for blood deepens. What started as a monstrous goal shifts into a perverse pleasure in the act of killing itself.

Brief Review of Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates has never been known for writing sunshine and rainbows, but Zombie is on a whole other level of darkness. She took a knife and just went straight for the jugular, no hesitation, no remorse. She drops us right into the twisted mind of a serial killer. Like a twisted version of Jeffrey Dahmer, and tells the whole story from his point of view. It's raw, unflinching, and seriously disturbing.

This book is not a fun read. It's not something you want to take to the beach. It will plunge you into hell, drown you with the chilling logic of a killer's mind. And honestly, I'm not sure I could've handled any more of it. 

Even though it made me want to throw up at times, I would say I like it. Oates's talent as a writer shines here. She's not afraid to explore the darkest parts of humanity, and she does it with such skill that you can't help but be fascinated, even if it's completely horrifying.

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