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Glory by NoViolet Bulawayo



Synopsis of Glory by NoViolet Bulawayo

Glory takes place in a fictional country where animals are running the show. It's inspired by the real-life fall of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's longtime president. Basically, everything goes nuts when their leader, Old Horse, gets overthrown, and the animals have to figure out how to create a better future for themselves. 

The book is told from the perspective of a whole bunch of different animals, and it's super interesting to see how they view the whole situation. You get a real sense of the chaos and how power works (or doesn't work) in this society. And there's this one character, Destiny, who's come back from exile to witness the revolution and kind of tell the untold stories of the women who've been running things behind the scenes. 

The whole animal thing might sound weird, but it actually works really well. It's like a way to look at our own world and politics in a different light, and it makes you think about things in a whole new way. 

A Brief Review of Glory by NoViolet Bulawayo

Glory is a book that kind of takes a page from "Animal Farm" and uses this fable with talking animals to tell the recent history of Zimbabwe. It's got family drama, racial tension, and a whole lot of exaggeration, but it's all told in this unique voice that's full of repetition and, honestly, sometimes a little hard to follow. 

I'll be honest, without the super intense chapters about the 1983 revolution and the racial tensions that tore a family apart, I probably would've not like it as much. But those chapters are just heartbreaking, and they really elevate the story. 

The author is amazing at describing scenes, like the rally at the beginning or the animals gossiping about politics. Those parts are so lively and funny, compared to the more descriptive, zoomed-out chapters. 

The book also feels really modern because of all the references to the internet and even Trump, who's called "The Tweeting Baboon." The government even uses American police brutality as a way to show how much better they treat their citizens.  

After the old dictator gets overthrown, the new regime promises a "new dispensation," but things quickly go downhill with corruption and power outages. It's almost like the government is a crocodile that says it's vegetarian but then goes on a rampage. 

Throughout the book, it's clear how important family ties are in this fictional country, Jidada. They're what keeps everything together, but they're also a potential source of conflict. There's this line that really sums it up: "The fire that cooks your food and warms you today is the same fire that will burn you tomorrow."  

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