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Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg



Book Description of  Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg

Most of the time, you'll feel like those big life changes are just out of reach. Maybe you've tried to overhaul your diet, start a hardcore workout routine, or finally commit to daily meditation, but it all just fizzles out after a few days.

In Tiny Habits, B.J. Fogg, a behavior change expert who's helped over 40,000 people, shares a revolutionary approach to achieving your goals. Forget about those overwhelming resolutions – it's all about taking baby steps. Think two pushups instead of a two-hour workout, or just a few deep breaths instead of an hour of meditation.

Fogg's got this simple formula: make the new habit easy to do, make it fit seamlessly into your life, and make it rewarding. Like when you're heading to bed, put your phone away and give yourself a high five.

These tiny changes can snowball into bigger ones. Once you get the ball rolling, it's easier to keep going. Fogg breaks it all down in a way that's super easy to understand, so you can finally stop struggling and start making those positive changes you've been dreaming of.

A Brief Review of Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg

Tiny Habits has got a great idea at its core, which is to take baby steps towards your goals instead of going all-in and crashing and burning. 

But this book felt more like a teaser than a full meal. It gives you the main idea and some examples, but it's kinda like a long infomercial. It's hard to judge the whole thing based on just a sample.

Personally, I wasn't crazy about the tone. It's all rah-rah, cheerleader-y, and that's just not my style. But maybe that's your thing. And to be fair, the whole tiny steps approach is probably a smart way to make lasting changes.

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